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UK wedding photographer in The Gambia

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Gambian wedding pictures of UK bride to Gambian Groom in West Africa

Gambian wedding picture

Denise and Bax's wedding in The Gambia

Denise and Bax’s wedding was great fun – sand, sea and sun as well as African percussion, happy chaos, and beautiful Gambian headdresses/costumes and DANCING!

I  (Elaine –  a  UK based  international wedding photographer)  travelled all the way to The Gambia from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire to cover their wedding photography, and was introduced to a whole new world in West Africa – where a bucket serves as a shower and rags knotted together become a rope for a well – yet there is a smile on every face.

One of the ladies in my compound was up before dawn everyday,  pounding beans to powder, which they then fried to make a crisp fluffy fritter  and sold along with spicy beans for local people’s breakfasts.

Other enterprising families made Baobab juice  – from the dried fruit of the tree shaken with water and flavoured with banana and coconut with milk – which they put into re-used plastic bottles from banana milk and sell from home.

Will be uploading more  travel pics from The Gambia soon too, as these pictures tell a story of the real Africa!

Denise met Bax while working out there a few years back, and she fell in love with The Gambia, and all her people.

Denise and Bax Gambian wedding photo on the beach

Denise gives a twirl on beach after Gambian wedding

See their  finished storybook wedding album here!

The second Gambian wedding I photographed was at Coco Ocean Hotel, plus a cultural ceremony at the bride’s mother’s house. You can see some of those wedding photos here, and the Coco Ocean storybook wedding album here.


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xx Elaine

African international wedding in Gambia by destination wedding photographers

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

We’ve all been looking forward to Denise and Bax’s exciting wedding in Africa for months, and now the time has nearly come for all the Northern guests to board a plane from Manchester to fly to Banjul. Denise found us on a lovely website run by a talented guy called Jim. He will be covering the run up to the wedding as well as publishing pics from his site that we send him so to avoid duplication initially please have a look on his site here:

Reel Life Photos has wedding in Australia for 30 October 2010 on boat in Sydney harbour

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Sydney Opera House at night


Am quite excited as have another wedding to cover in Australia next year – on a boat in Sydney Harbour –

so will be out of the UK around that time, though we will still be available for weddings with other photographers in our team.

Sydney harbour bridge at night by Reel Life Photos 2008

International weddings by Reel Life Photos – West Yorkshire wedding photographers UK & HD wedding video

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

bride and groom Ice Hotel wedding photo Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights - over the Ice Hotel in Sweden Groom in his wedding suit sliding on ice sculpure in Ice Hotel bedroomThe quality of the experience sometimes outweighs the need be profitable every week, so last year Reel Life Photos started accepting International wedding bookings, the first of which was a wedding in the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden  where indoor temperatures are a static minus 5 degrees Centigrade.

 Bride and groom by chapel in Los Gigantes in Tenerife hotel wedding reception venue in Tenerife romantic rooftop wedding photos in Tenerife At the opposite end of the scale, this was followed by a wedding in Tenerife   and here where the sun shone brightly, adding romance to the sunset wedding pictures. 

outdoor wedding ceremony in Jacobs Creek Australia traditional wedding kiss photo at Jacobs Creek Retreat in Australia sunset wedding kiss amongst Kaesler Wines grapevines in Australia In March this year we had a fabulous location 10,000 miles away – in Jacob’s Creek Retreat in the Barossa valley, Australia .  We did of course tag on a holiday! 

cavier, cassis, champagne and canapes in French Chateau wedding French Chateau wedding party at Chateau detilly in Loire Valley France French wedding cake and Frenc Chef outside orangerie at Chateau deTillyThis month (May) our overseas wedding was in the Loire valley France and§ion_id=1045 

Our next overseas wedding is on 28 June – in Southern Ireland.  That one is going to be particularly exciting as it’s the first of 3 wedding days – for the same couple –  as they are having the Catholic church wedding in St. Aidans Cathedral in Enniscorthy followed by the reception at Amber Springs Hotel In Gorey, Wexford, then the following week its back to the UK for a civil wedding at Luton Hoo, in Bedfordshire, followed by the final wedding ceremony the week after – a traditional Hindu wedding – in a marquee in St. Albans!  Phew!

Chateau Detilly wedding in France with guests from Scotland, Australia and Shanghai

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Wisteria on chapel in grounds of Chateau de Tilly FranceThe day was one of the nicest days all week.  While the bride and bridesmaids were out getting their hair done, I busied about taking behind-the-scenes shots and  making the most the the beautiful morning light.

Thierry, the gardener at Chateau de Tilly, rushes round to prepare for the wedding

wedding morning light on archway in grounds of Chateau de Tilly in Loire Valley, France

beautiful morning light on fountain in gardens at Chateau de Tilly, Loire Valley, France

light on tree fronds in garden at Chateau de Tilly in Loire Valley

French Chef Jean-Pierre prepares the food for the Chateau wedding

wedding co-ordinator talks to house manager at Chateau de Tilly meat cooking for wedding dinner getting ready for the wedding -by spiral staircase in Chateau de Tilly Eglantine Florists arrive with bouquet of flowers from UK work friends

fountain with steady trickle of water at Chateau de Tilly

grand reception room at Chateau de Tilly Loire valley France

baby Ella reaches for her little wedding shoes

Mum and bride’s roles collide Baby Ella on with frilly tutu dress Baby Ella reaches for the wedding bouquet

If you are getting married in France, or anywhere abroad, please visit our international wedding page on our site

Just one week to go before I set off for a wedding in Australia & Ice hotel wedding pictures

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Entrance to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi  Not wishing to use this blog as a “me” space, but rather as a means of communicating a personal vision through the eyes of a camera, I hesitate to make grand announcements, but as we are keen to cover weddings in any part of the world with brides and grooms who have depth and a caring attitude to the people they meet in life, then I suppose it won’t hurt to share my excitement with the world!

I hope to upload snippets from the visit to Australia but may not be as quick as usual in responding to emails or phone calls, as your day will be my night!  Am stepping out into the unknown – for me anyway – but a beautiful couple in Jacob’s Creek (near Adelaide) have entrusted me with their wedding photos on 15 March,  so  two nights on a huge huge plane is a small price to pay for the experience!  I do get a day walking round Hong Kong between flights so my eyes will be flitting from one peak of excitement to another! 

 Ice King and Queen Thrones Ice Hotel wedding chapel Hot liganberry juice in the real Absolut Ice Bar after wedding in the Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel wedding

We also have my first ever wedding in Ireland booked for the end of June –  a Catholic ceremony followed by a traditional Hindu wedding –  and yesterday had an enquiry from a lovely couple for their wedding in Ice Hotel in Jukklasjarvi,  Sweden, where I covered Colin and Sarah’s wedding about the same time last year too. 

Bedroom in the Ice Hotel Sweden The Smiling Ice Maiden Ice fire - tricks of light inside the Ice Hotel Sweden The happy wedding couple before their Ice Hotel wedding Kiss in traditional Ice Hotel pose

Got a lot of work to do before I go though…

Aurora Borealis over the Ice Hotel in Sweden

 xx Elaine