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beach wedding in the Seychelles storybook album design

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

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xx Elaine

These Creole dancers performed in pitch black outside on the helipad by the sea at Lauren and Trevor’s Seychelles wedding reception. There was an official videographer there too (Michel T) , so this is just a basic clip I shot for myself (as the wedding photographer) on my Canon 5 D Mark II whilst also shooting photos.

Levana –  aged 9 and a half –  was my little assistant using one of my “big” cameras and two different “L” (top of the range) lenses during the first part of this wedding, up to the end of the beach ceremony, and several of her photos have been included by the bride and groom in this storybook wedding album.  She has been coming with me on wedding shoots since she was three , so know what to do, though its only in the past two years she has been allowed to use one of my professional cameras to participate in the photography.

This wedding was also videoed by Michel – a professional cameraman in the Seychelles.  He can be contacted on +2482510972 and his son Damien took over the assisting role once we arrived at the wedding reception venue.  Some of his photos have also been included, so many thanks to both my young assistants. xx Elaine

The earlier pages of this Italian storybook, showing the bride and groom and their families getting ready for the wedding, and Lauren & Trevor’s beach wedding ceremony in the Seychelles can be found here.

Sometimes I feel that  wedding photographers are frightened of colour and dull everything down to muted tones and plain black and white throughout.  That might be appropriate for some weddings in the UK and for certain couple’s tastes, but when in an exotic or vibrant environment,  its a shame to somehow avoid colour!  Having lived in Greece for 8 years where I brought up my family, I soaked up the Mediterranean light which in turn formed my artistic vision through my oil paintings and line drawings of people, and photography too.

I doubt Kate and William had a better wedding than this, though they did honeymoon in the Seychelles too!

Seychelles bride and groom holding hand at end of beach wedding ceremony

Lauren and Trevor hand in hand at the end of their beach wedding ceremony

Cap Lazare is an outdoor wedding reception venue in the Seychelles

wedding party arrives at Cap Lazare

The little pictures show details of the personalised coconut-shell cups the welcome drinks were served in decorated by star fruit. the tropical leaves overlaid with white Frangipani flowers following the theme of green dresses for the bridesmaids, and banana crisps wrapped in funnels of banana leaves. Absolutely fantastic!


bride and groom arriving at outdoor wedding reception venue in the Seychelles

bride and groom make their official entrance to their reception at Cap Lazare

I originally designed these with the images of the bride and groom to the left and to the right in a  slightly smaller size, as believe space surrounding the images is important to display the photos better, but always listen to bride and groom’s personal views and preferences so this is a revised version to suit their tastes.


pictures  of Cap Lazare wedding reception venue in the Seychelles

groom's sister Katherine plays a delightful flute recital for the wedding guests at the start of the wedding reception


Love the emotional hug from the groom for his sister after the flute performance while their Mum applauds and smiles with happiness too. All the bridesmaids had Frangipani flowers in their hair too, so overlaid this lovely image of Katherine onto a picture of the red flowers used.

official photography of wedding guests  in the Seychelles

Three loving sisters with their three loving partners

Under the above  photo here is of a sunlit dark green pool surrounded by palm tree fronds at the entrance to this Seychelles wedding venue at Cap Lazare in Mahe.  I really wanted to photograph the bride lying on the smooth undulating rocks at the side of this pool but it had rained heavily during our drive from the beach wedding ceremony to the reception venue, so it wasn’t to be…


bride's family wedding photos at Cap Lazare in the Seychelles

bride's family who travelled mainly from the UK for the wedding in the Seychelles

exotic dream wedding location on Mahe in the Seychelles

wedding photography in the Seychelles by UK wedding photographer

happy moments before the wedding breakfast

bride and groom by the sea in the Seychelles

Trevor’s Dad Emmanuel loved the idea of a pic that showed the blue sky above palm trees here

 creative destination wedding photography

Wedding pictures of local Seychelles families on the Groom's side

Groom's friendly family in the Seychelles

wedding photos in the Seychelles

more of the groom's lovely family over clasped hands uniting both sides

wedding speeches at Cap Lazare in Mahe

Trevor and Lauren made this very creative seating plan board over a map of Mahe

photos and Seychelles wedding reception venue details

photos of beautiful memories and giant shell in the Seychelles wedding venue loo

Seychelles wedding banquet

Seychelles wedding banquet! Exotic wedding food-yummie!

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xx Elaine and Cuban videoman Jorge

Creole dancing and wedding first dance in the Seychelles outside.

Magical movements of Creole dancing and first dance in the dark outside

Seychelles wedding evening reception

More night-time dancing outside on the helipad

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xx Elaine and Cuban videoman Jorge

Seychelles bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at night

What abeautiful wedding cake!

Seychelles bride throwing the bouquet outside under palm trees at night

Nearly forgot to throw the bouquet!

Seychelles wedding reception venue at night as end of wedding

We bid a reluctant goodbye and good night to the end of Trevor & Lauren's wedding day