UK wedding photographer in The Gambia

Gambian wedding pictures of UK bride to Gambian Groom in West Africa

Gambian wedding picture

Denise and Bax's wedding in The Gambia

Denise and Bax’s wedding was great fun – sand, sea and sun as well as African percussion, happy chaos, and beautiful Gambian headdresses/costumes and DANCING!

I  (Elaine –  a  UK based  international wedding photographer)  travelled all the way to The Gambia from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire to cover their wedding photography, and was introduced to a whole new world in West Africa – where a bucket serves as a shower and rags knotted together become a rope for a well – yet there is a smile on every face.

One of the ladies in my compound was up before dawn everyday,  pounding beans to powder, which they then fried to make a crisp fluffy fritter  and sold along with spicy beans for local people’s breakfasts.

Other enterprising families made Baobab juice  – from the dried fruit of the tree shaken with water and flavoured with banana and coconut with milk – which they put into re-used plastic bottles from banana milk and sell from home.

Will be uploading more  travel pics from The Gambia soon too, as these pictures tell a story of the real Africa!

Denise met Bax while working out there a few years back, and she fell in love with The Gambia, and all her people.

Denise and Bax Gambian wedding photo on the beach

Denise gives a twirl on beach after Gambian wedding

See their  finished storybook wedding album here!

The second Gambian wedding I photographed was at Coco Ocean Hotel, plus a cultural ceremony at the bride’s mother’s house. You can see some of those wedding photos here, and the Coco Ocean storybook wedding album here.


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xx Elaine

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  1. ball gowns Says:

    Highly energetic post, I liked that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

  2. elaine-21 Says:

    There sure will! As it says in the post – I will be flying out to The Gambia again February/March 2014 for another real Gambian wedding.
    xx Elaine

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