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travel pictures of boats in Killybegs taken after wedding in Republic of Ireland

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

the colours are almost surreal on this sunny evening in Killybegs

red boat with thick reflections in Killybegs, Co Donegal, Irish Republic

red boat in Killybegs with dangling orange ball and treacle-like reflection

so many delicious bright colours on this boat against the deep blue sky, it feels like I painted it myself

abstract composition of red, white and blue found like this in Killybegs harbour, Donegal, Irish Republic

Love the simple red and blue with the yellow swirls in the sea below this boat.

towering blocks of white against the bluer than blue sky at Killybegs in Co. Donegal, Irish Republic

this feels like an old cannon lying on the harbour jetty at Killybegs. Not sure what it really is though, but I took it for the curving shapes.

Blue and red - oh it makes me go quite gooey!

orange tips to these crash barriers are magnificent in the evening sunlight at Killybegs. A tiny splash of orange paint also marks the ground below!

Just a simple fishing net, blue boat and yellow floats

colourful trio of huge hulls and their reflections in the sea below

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