Pakistani Asian wedding traditions in the UK

Our weather isn’t noted for reliability, so taking Asian wedding photos outside in the morning, before going to the wedding reception at Bolton Excellency, was a bit of a risk.  The bride and her 7 sisters organised the day well, with a 7AM start filming and taking photos,  for  Jorge and me, plus a one hour drive before that. Well we struck lucky as with a bit of patience, the sun did appear, between the fast-moving clouds, in between the raindrops.  The first pic here is of the bride’s mother, as she washed up at the kitchen sink.  I placed her first, as consider her to be an amazing woman, as she has 10 children of all ages!

natural Asian wedding photo

Bride’s mother

Asian wedding photography - bride's shoes

The brides shoes on her dupatta

Asian wedding with the bride putting on her bangles

Asian bride putting on her bangles


natural Asian wedding photography

The bride with her father, as she pins on his flower


Asian wedding portrait

sunny portrait of the bride’s father


Asian wedding tradition

Asian wedding tradition


Asian  wedding photography

Romantic Asian wedding photos in the park

Romantic-Asian-wedding photography

The groom knees in a romantic pose, as he holds his beloved’s hand.

Romantic Asian  wedding photography

What a romantic-looking groom!

Asian  wedding picture in teh park

Just before the rain came down!

Pakistani wedding photography

Asian bride and groom, walking hand in hand.

3 Responses to “Pakistani Asian wedding traditions in the UK”

  1. Shaista Afzal Says:

    What fabulous shots, Elaine. Your work amazes me each time I see it.

    Shaista (Former bride of Reel Life Photos 2003)

  2. Zia Says:

    Was nice chatting to you over the phone, you a lovely lady and your photos are very beautiful. Zia.

  3. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Oh thank you Zia! Am amazed you found theze photos! Usually people find Reel Life Photos Facebook page first you see! Let’s hope you pick a date I can do when you get married! It would be really exciting to photograph a real South African wedding! xx Elaine

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