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UK wedding photographer in The Gambia

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Gambian wedding pictures of UK bride to Gambian Groom in West Africa

Gambian wedding picture

Denise and Bax's wedding in The Gambia

Denise and Bax’s wedding was great fun – sand, sea and sun as well as African percussion, happy chaos, and beautiful Gambian headdresses/costumes and DANCING!

I  (Elaine –  a  UK based  international wedding photographer)  travelled all the way to The Gambia from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire to cover their wedding photography, and was introduced to a whole new world in West Africa – where a bucket serves as a shower and rags knotted together become a rope for a well – yet there is a smile on every face.

One of the ladies in my compound was up before dawn everyday,  pounding beans to powder, which they then fried to make a crisp fluffy fritter  and sold along with spicy beans for local people’s breakfasts.

Other enterprising families made Baobab juice  – from the dried fruit of the tree shaken with water and flavoured with banana and coconut with milk – which they put into re-used plastic bottles from banana milk and sell from home.

Will be uploading more  travel pics from The Gambia soon too, as these pictures tell a story of the real Africa!

Denise met Bax while working out there a few years back, and she fell in love with The Gambia, and all her people.

Denise and Bax Gambian wedding photo on the beach

Denise gives a twirl on beach after Gambian wedding

See their  finished storybook wedding album here!

The second Gambian wedding I photographed was at Coco Ocean Hotel, plus a cultural ceremony at the bride’s mother’s house. You can see some of those wedding photos here, and the Coco Ocean storybook wedding album here.


If you are planning your wedding in the Gambia, visit Reel Life Photos website and say hello to me on Facebook

xx Elaine

African international wedding in Gambia by destination wedding photographers

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

We’ve all been looking forward to Denise and Bax’s exciting wedding in Africa for months, and now the time has nearly come for all the Northern guests to board a plane from Manchester to fly to Banjul. Denise found us on a lovely website run by a talented guy called Jim. He will be covering the run up to the wedding as well as publishing pics from his site that we send him so to avoid duplication initially please have a look on his site here:

Small family wedding in St. Helens

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Sometimes I get a wedding enquiry and I know the family are really struggling to get everything together, but have a lot of love and are genuinely kind-hearted people.  If they show a passion for our work, I generally do my best to see how we can make them happy:  that gives me a lot of pleasure too.

family wedding group photo in St. Helens

After a nice meal at a nearby restaurant called The Warehouse, the guests all lined up by the fabulous white wall for a big group shot.

little paige boy by red door

This one of the little boy – the bride’s son –  was taken outside the family’s house as we were leaving for the Register Office.

black and white photo of bride and groom kissing at St Helen’s Register Office

What a beautiful kiss!

Bride Lisa with her 3 new daughters

Photos taken after the meal can often be better than those posed traditionally before the meal, as by then everyone is more relaxed and comfortable with the camera lens.

Reel Life Photos has wedding in Australia for 30 October 2010 on boat in Sydney harbour

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Sydney Opera House at night


Am quite excited as have another wedding to cover in Australia next year – on a boat in Sydney Harbour –

so will be out of the UK around that time, though we will still be available for weddings with other photographers in our team.

Sydney harbour bridge at night by Reel Life Photos 2008

Contemporary acrylic wall prints from favourite wedding photos

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Acrylic wall-prints are the latest way to display your favourite wedding pictures or one out and out favourite.  They appear to be almost 3D as they show off your image which is either printed directly on the back of the 10mm deep block (anything smaller – though cheaper – will bend),  or a high-res print is attached to the back using invisible glue.  We recently printed one 46″x33″ for a lovely couple in Dartmoor and one 23″x33″ for another special couple in Perth, Scotland.

Moody mist - contemporary acrylic picture of bride and groom on Dartmoor

This contemporary way of realising your beloved wedding images is much better suited to photography than canvass, as it retains the original smooth texture, sharpness and vibrancy.  Light only serves to enhance the image so giving the WOW factor to your well-designed home.

Sunset kiss in the snow in Scotland

Brides always remember their wedding day!  Sometimes the images stay in their mind so much that even years after their wedding day they come back to us to ask for an Acrylic Wall Picture / special enlargement for their new home, or newly decorated room.   I always try to add that little bit of magic into a personalised border to make it unique to them and their personality.

Black and White wedding photo on acrylic wall print

The Kiss

black and wedding photo of bride and groom kissing at farm wedding

Magical Kiss


Contact Elaine at Reel Life Photos for a quote for your favourite images or visit our main website to see more interesting images.  You can also see new wedding pictures on our Facebook page. xx Elaine

Pictures from Huddersfield Carnival July 2009

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

smiling Caribbean dancer at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

smiling Caribbean dancer at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

Caribbean steel band float at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

Caribbean steel band float at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

creative giant masks carried aloft by male Caribbean dancers in Huddersfield Carnival procession 2009

creative giant masks carried aloft by male Caribbean dancers in Huddersfield Carnival procession 2009

Close up picture of male Caribbean dancer at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

female Caribbean dancers at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

female Caribbean dancers at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

hot and weary but bravely dancing on female blowing whistle at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

Big mama and other Caribbean dancers at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

full spread wing-like costume at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

Caribbean headress at carnival in Huddersfield 2009

male Caribbean dancer at Huddersfield carnival 2009

super energetic female Caribbean dancer at Huddersfield Carnival 2009

One way to quench thirst during Hudderfield Caribbean Carnival parade!

Dramatic flying horse costume at Huddersfield carnival parade 2009

female dancer at Huddersfield carnival parade 2009

exotic carnival costume during the parade round Huddersfield city centre

children dancing in Caribbean carnival costumes during the parade through Huddersfield city centre

loads more pictures here:

Visit for more info about Elaine and Reel Life Photos

Fun wedding pictures in Leeds city centre

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Michelle & Keiron’s wedding was very different from the normal mixture of posed family groups and reportage pictures that make up most weddings.  Starting at the bride’s house full of mirrors and black and white with red walls in the boudoir, I knew we were in for a fun day.  Michelle and I had never met in person till that moment – but had got to know each other through lively descriptions of her family life by email, the first of which arrived when I was in Egypt back in February this year.

portrait of little boy with his two front teeth missing

Michelle’s highly confident and fun little boys are the light of her life … They even gave her away and during the wedding reception did a double act delivering the funniest wedding speeches ever!

Michelle had a burlesque hen night so was not shy of showing off her lovely figure and flamboyant but practical wedding boots.

bride putting fun wedding shoes

The vicar – Father Paul – at Mill Hill  Unitarian  Chapel in Leeds is no stranger to the media,  as used to work for the BBC, so he was happy for the Jorge and me to move around during the service to get a good variety of shot.  The whole emphasis being on making the bride and groom’s day.  They even sat round chatting and drinking champagne in church with the guests after the ceremony!

bride’s sister talking to her Mum who is drinking champagne in church after the wedding

Michelle couldn’t wait to get outside and play with the kids by the water fountains

in Leeds city centre.

fun picture of bride rushing through the fountains in Leeds city centre

Fun band act during the evening wedding reception at Smokestack in Leeds.

fun evening wedding reception pictures with plastic Sax and real Sax player

Fun wedding picture of Michelle & Keiron enjoying their evening reception.

band playing live music at Smokestack in Leeds during evening wedding reception

First band playing – taken without flash to reflect the true night colours.

Golden Buddha wedding cake

bride and groom cutting their unusual golden Buddha wedding cake

Bridegroom Keiron with his Dad outside Smokestack in Leeds during evening wedding reception

Bridegroom Keiron with his Dad outside Smokestack in Leeds during evening wedding reception.

drummer from second band at Michelle and Keiron’s evening wedding reception in Leeds

Drummer from second band during evening reception at Smokestack in Leeds.

keyboard player at Michelle & Keiron’s evening wedding reception in Leeds

Keyboard player at Michelle & Keiron’s evening wedding reception in Leeds

world famous musician friend of Michelle & Keiron’s playing at their evening wedding reception in Leeds

World famous musician friend of Michelle & Keiron’s playing at their evening wedding reception in Leeds

bride in Leeds during eveing wedding reception

Glamorous bride Michelle in Leeds during evening wedding reception

Fun wedding picture of Michelle’s wedding guests get in on the act too!

Michelle’s wedding guests get in on the act too!

If you are getting married or just love looking at wedding photos see loads more on

wedding fayre at the Black Horse Clifton West Yorkshire

Friday, March 6th, 2009 (advice for brides / weddings)

We don’t usually do wedding fayres, but since the Black Horse Inn, their food, and their staff are so lovely, we melt every year and decide to support them, so if you are looking for anything wedding-sy and missed this wedding fair then use the contact info below to see what is what for your wedding!

Restaurant,vintage modern accommodation, events, parties and WEDDINGS!

HD6  4 HJ.

bride and groom in wedding car arriving at Black Horse in Clifton West Yorkshire

For wedding gowns see Always and Forever Bridal Wear

amazing wedding cakes by Maria Webster

-delicious as well as great-looking wedding cakes!

All your wedding stationery lovingly created by FIONA to co-ordinate with your colour scheme

for unique scroll design wedding invitations,Pink Daisy – weddings and Events

Greenwoods mens wear

My balloonz

The Body Shop at Home

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Mango Lily florists for the most amazing orchids ever!

Cartwright cars  – based in Huddersfield but looking after brides all over Yorkshire!

outdoor garden space at the Blackhorse in Clifton, wedding venue in West Yorkshire

Not only does the front of the Black Horse look great, but so does their handy garden to the rear with loads of seating in which to relax and enjoy a nice drink at the wedding reception!

outdoor wedding reception at Black Horse in Clifton near Brighouse


outdoor wedding reception at the Black Horse in Clifton West Yorkshire

night time wedding reception ouside the Black Horse in Clifton

If you want to know more about wedding photographer  Elaine of Reel Life Photos visit her site so just curious about recent multi-cultural weddings abroad and in the UK visit Reel Life Photos Facebook Page.

Travel Pictures from around Benevento, Italy

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Images from trip to Benevento & Fragnito Monforte in Italy

We usually only do wedding photos but while visiting a wedding venue abroad we simply can’t close our eyes to the scenes around us!  Loads of wedding pictures in the various posts below.  If looking for storybook wedding photos or say, winter wedding photos,  or Sikh wedding pictures etc, just pick that category from the index on the right here to see the ones you are interested in…

 Enjoy!  xx Elaine

Italian lady smoking while in conversation with elderly Italian gentleman in Benevento

Caught this couple during late evening sunlight in Benevento , Italy.

graffiti on wall in Fragneto Monforte Italy

Arty graffiti in Magneto Monforte, Italy

Detail from Palazzo Ducale in Fragneto Monforte in Campania near-ish Naples

Detail from a wedding venue on Italy

tree with amazing blue sky for a January Winter’s day in Arpaia, Italy.

Winter tree against clear Italian January skies, casts  shadows patterns on the wall

Shop with watching dog, Via Roma, Arpaia, Italy

January washing day in Arpaia, Italy

January washing day in Italy – at least they have the weather for it!

Delicious red patina on this Italian truck against the pure blue sky

Just love the rusting red patina of this truck against the perfect deep blue sky!

roadside seller in Arpaia Italy offering me lemons as she has had no sales all day

Roadside fruit-seller in Arpaia Italy offering me lemons as she has had no sales all day…

classical Italian street lamps against prefect blue foil of the January sky

white-painted Italian house with Catholic Icons in Balcony alcove windows

Italian rural mailbox in Arpaia

lady in waiting at railway station in Arpaia, Italia

toothless but such a friendly Italian guy waiting for the train in Arpaia Italy

Art photo of cobbled street in Benevento, Italy

abstract art photo in Benevento Italy with lemon yellow and cerulean blue painted walls

picture of graffiti covered bus stops in Benevento, Italy

abstract art picture of green grafitti-covered bench against red car in Benevento

black & white portrait of intelligent Italian gentleman as he walks round old haunts in Benevento Italy

two black guys hang out at night by a Trendy Girl clothes shop in Benevento, Italy

Two black guys hang out at night by a Trendy Girl clothes shop in Benevento, Italy.

wite walls and signs of decay - Italian balcony detail

Winter wedding storybook album – wedding photography Leeds

Friday, February 20th, 2009

This is a recent winter wedding, as chosen by the bride and groom from hundreds of possible images. 

We always take plenty of casual, non-posed pictures, documenting the full day, so the couple are free to make up their own album according to their personalities.  The very same original images could just as easily be made up into a fun wedding storybook with all the kids running riot and the happy exchanges between wedding guests,  or a more relaxed, classical view of their day.  The couple are consulted at every stage of the image selection – usually spending around 3 hours with us going through their choices and if they decide to go for a designed storybook album – as this couple did – they are free to get involved in the final layout, as its their personal wedding album, not just an exercise in arty design. 

Emotions, expressions and important relationships between families are usually the key reason for their preferred images being included in the album – some choosing mainly of themselves and other showing the full story of their day. In this storybook they even included the pictures about the fire alarm that sounded – just as the bride was about to change into her wedding dress in the morning – and the firemen visiting their hotel in Leeds while everyone piled outside on the opposite pavement,  to wait for the all-clear!

Below is a selection of pages from Hayley & Chris’s wedding album…

winter wedding storybook album cover Leeds Metropole Hotel the start of Hayley’s wedding day preparations at Leeds Met Hotelflower girl, page boy, bride and wedding shoesstorybook wedding album with black & white photo of bride and flower girl

wedding rings, bouquet and wedding dress

storybook album page with groomsmen getting ready for wedding in Leeds

wedding storybook album page with bridal prep - bride putting on her wedding dress

wedding storybook album with bridal portrait and bride going downstairs for wedding ceremony in Leeds

bride being given away by her father and playing with baby bridesmaids and page boys

storybook wedding album with wedding ceremony and ringbearer

wedding storybook album with exchange of rings watched by little bridesmaid and page boy

touching message to newlyweds and signing of the register at Hotel Metropole in Leeds

storybook album with bride and groom dancing  out to confetti shower

contemporary wedding storybook album page with confetti kisses

storybook album showing fun wedding photos with children at Leeds wedding

storybookwedding album where bride gives the first speech

wedding reception speeches and meal at Hotel Metropole in Leeds

wedding storybook with cutting of the cake

wedding storybook with grooms sister having fun

bride and groom portraits inside Hotel Metropole in Leeds

newly wed’s wedding portraits inside Hotel Metropole during Winter wedding in Leeds

wedding photos inside the Met Leeds

bride and groom practising their first dance and standing by Christmas tree

bride and groom very relaxed in front of the camera

black and white, quadtone and sepia wedding photography

flower girl being twirled round and the First Dance wedding pictures Leeds

First Dance pictures at night during Winter evening wedding reception

fun dancing pictures at wedding in Leeds

more fun dancing pictures at wedding in Leeds

Bridegroom giving a piggy-back to one of the pageboys

Winter wedding pictures in Leeds outside Hotel Metropole and opposite train station by giant Christmas tree

bride & groom by Christmas tree opposite train station in Leeds & outside the Met at night

bride and groom say goodnight to their wedding photographer in Leeds outside the Met