Just one week to go before I set off for a wedding in Australia & Ice hotel wedding pictures

Entrance to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi  Not wishing to use this blog as a “me” space, but rather as a means of communicating a personal vision through the eyes of a camera, I hesitate to make grand announcements, but as we are keen to cover weddings in any part of the world with brides and grooms who have depth and a caring attitude to the people they meet in life, then I suppose it won’t hurt to share my excitement with the world!

I hope to upload snippets from the visit to Australia but may not be as quick as usual in responding to emails or phone calls, as your day will be my night!  Am stepping out into the unknown – for me anyway – but a beautiful couple in Jacob’s Creek (near Adelaide) have entrusted me with their wedding photos on 15 March,  so  two nights on a huge huge plane is a small price to pay for the experience!  I do get a day walking round Hong Kong between flights so my eyes will be flitting from one peak of excitement to another! 

 Ice King and Queen Thrones Ice Hotel wedding chapel Hot liganberry juice in the real Absolut Ice Bar after wedding in the Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel wedding

We also have my first ever wedding in Ireland booked for the end of June –  a Catholic ceremony followed by a traditional Hindu wedding –  and yesterday had an enquiry from a lovely couple for their wedding in Ice Hotel in Jukklasjarvi,  Sweden, where I covered Colin and Sarah’s wedding about the same time last year too. 

Bedroom in the Ice Hotel Sweden The Smiling Ice Maiden Ice fire - tricks of light inside the Ice Hotel Sweden The happy wedding couple before their Ice Hotel wedding Kiss in traditional Ice Hotel pose

Got a lot of work to do before I go though…

Aurora Borealis over the Ice Hotel in Sweden

 xx Elaine

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