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Indian wedding ceremony in Bradford at Rio Grande

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

This was a Gujarati Hindu wedding ceremony on the top floor of the Rio Grande, which allows for great views over the city during daylight hours

Hindu wedding pictures on DVD covers

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Hindu wedding party in Barnsley , South Yorkshire

Hindu wedding party in Barnsley , South Yorkshire, DVD cover design from HD  video stills

Hindu wedding ceremonyy Miyaan, Mayan and  Sangeet Hindu party

Hindu wedding ceremony pictures with Miyaan , ( Mayan) and Sangeet in South Yorkshire.

DVD-cover pictures of Hindu Baraat wedding ceremony in Birmingham

Hindu Baraat wedding ceremony in Birmingham

DVD- cover pictures for Hindu Sainth wedding ceremony

Hindu Sainth – pre- wedding ceremony by the priest

This is the second wedding we’ve videoed  for this beautiful family in Barnsley, and are now looking forward photographing and videoing the first birthday party of the first groom’s son!


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Hindu Sainth wedding ceremony, traditional Hindu religious ritual performed by priest.

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Vishal’s Hindu wedding comprises of several individual ceremonies. After the Mayan (Miyaan) comes the Sangeet – bit of fun for all the wedding guests – then the  Sainth, a religious ceremony with oils,  natural plants and seeds. The priest conducts the ceremony – which could be on the floor of the temple, or as here in the family home.  The key family members sits round in a circle in front of the priest, and participate throughout.

yellow sari with mehndi at Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

What a beautiful buttercup yellow sari with mehndi - so just couldn't resist starting with this glorious splash of colour!

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

natural green leafy plants during the Sainth ceremony

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony with the coconut

The coconut always appears at Hindu weddings, and has many different levels of significance

The coconut is passed to one of the family by the Hindu priest.

The marks on the coconut maybe perceived as representing the three-eyed Lord Shiva so it brings good luck.  Sometimes it is smashed to reveal its soft white centre, representing the human brain, as it looks a bit like a human head, thus the ego is squashed and presented to the Lord.

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

flower petals in a dish - all part of life...

Here is more of the evening’s story in pictures…..

Hindu Sainth prayer ceremony

Hindu priest with the Groom's Father

Hindu Sainth prayer ceremony offerings

Colourful offerings

Hindu Sainth wedding prayer ceremony

Oh such happiness!

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

Oh little baby...!

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony


Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony hands


Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

Young and old sit down on the floor together.

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

The headdress that the groom will wear the next day at his Sehra Bandi and Baraat

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony with candles

Candles are lit...

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony with candle offerings

Hands held out above the burning candles...

 Money is given here too.

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

Just a moment in time, as the candles are passed round and hands add money to the tray.

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony little details

Petals garnish the offerings, like so many strands of hundreds and thousands on fairy cakes

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony blessing for a child

Blessing from the priest for the little boy

Milk always appears somehwere in Hindu and Muslim Asian wedding ceremonies.

Glasses of milk brought in by the Groom's mother

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony and milk

Happy smiles again as the milk arrives.

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony - gifts

Time for gifts...

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony presents


Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony presents

So much happening!

Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony with all the family

Everyone - nearly...

End of Hindu wedding Sainth prayer ceremony

Groom Vishal and his brother Dinesh causing a stir!

Outside the groom's house, all lit up at night after his Hindu Sainth ceremony


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Miyaan (Mayaan) Hindu wedding ceremony

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

This is the second wedding we have covered for the same family of boys in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley, so now we feel part of their extended family: many hours work – but all great fun.

Its a bit like a Stag-Do where the bridegroom is smothered in a turmeric paste and coloured powders, but in front of all his family and close friends in the garden of their family home.

Hindu wedding photography of Mayan tradition with coloured powders

Vibrantly coloured pigments ready for use in creating a Mayan wedding design

Hindu wedding photography showing Mayan traditional ceremony

Wonder what this is going to be used for...

Hindu wedding snack before the Mayaan ceremony

Let's start with a little snack before the ceremony starts

detail from Hindu Mayan wedding ceremony

Such rich colours...

Hindu wedding henna Mehndi on hands

beautiful henna designs

Hindu wedding henna on hands at Mayan ceremony

hands fit for a magazine..

 hands with henna at Hindu wedding Mayaan ceremony

more beautiful henna designs

Preparing for a Hindu Mayan wedding ceremony

The women start to get ready for the ceremony.

Hindu women preparing for the Mayan wedding ritual

The arty bit begins...

Hindu wedding art

beautiful little detail...

setting up a Miyaan Hindu wedding ceremony

birds-eye view of the art in progress

Mayaan Hindu wedding ceremony artwork

Art in the making...

Hindu wedding art  nrealy completed

Almost ready...

Hindu wedding photo of Mayan art being created by the Indian women in Barnsley

One of my favourite shots of the artists at work

Hindu women put the finishing touches to their artwork for the Mayan wedding ceremony

Now we see the artists too...

Hindu wedding ritual

All set!

The groom's mother make the first move. Here she is about to smear him with thick turmeric paste

Hindu wedding ritual of painting the groom with yellow turmeric paste

Oh how they are loving it!

The girls are loving this HIndu wedding ritual!

The groom's torment hots up!"

Hindu Mayan wedding  tradition with turmeric paste

Oh such fun!

Hindu groom is smeared in yellow turmeric paste at his first wedding ceremony ritual

How carefully they avoid his eyes and mouth. Seems they all love him!

Groom gets stripped off to allow more turmeric paste to be rubbed onto his bare skin

Ooh this is getting a bit daring!

I actually won first prize in an international  wedding  photography  competition – $1,000, from the Professional Wedding Photographers’ Network and was awarded the top wedding photographer excellence award for pictures from this couple’s Hindu wedding this year 2012, just days after the wedding had taken place!

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