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Download Festival 2016

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Well, it wouldn’t be a festival would it, without the predictable mud-sloshing, plastic poncho-shrouded crowd would it!  However, the monsoon-style gushing rain, all but drowning the festival-goers, was over the top, sending hoards rushing for shelter, where there was none!

Download 2016 rain

Download 2016 during the thunderstorm as everyone rushes to escape the downpour.

Download 2016 at night with the Ferris Wheel and plastic ponchos

Yellow ponchos cover stooped shoulders and bedraggled festival-goers tramp through the mud at night, while the brightly lit Ferris Wheel lights up the sky

 Download 2016 festival goers in shorts, despite the mud and rain!

Download Festival goers optimistically arrive in shorts, but the rain just doesn’t stop!


Download 2016, bare flesh is the only way to sat dry, perhaps?

This young man strips off his sodden tea-shirt. as the rain continues to pour down.


Download 2016 where lastic ponchos are the dress code of the day!

At least this set of festival-goers have a seat in the rain.Clear plastic ponchos are cold comfort though!, as they brave the weather to listen and watch live music performances on the main stage.


Download 2016, alternative clothing stalls

Stalls selling alternative clothing are soon filled with cold wet bodies, desperate to get out of the rain. Such a shame!


Download 2016 main stage in the rain

View of the main stage over the tops of umbrellas and raincoats.


Download 2016 mud  and wellies

“Mud, mud, glorious mud…”

Download 2016 cat bar and mud

This huge cat-bar sculpture proves popular, despite its location in a sea of mud.


Download 2016 illuminated Ferris wheel as dusk falls and dismal-faced girl with long bedraggled hair.

As dusk falls the dreary wet weather washout dampens many spirits, but the Ferris wheel keeps spinning…