Italian wedding storybook album

Bee-themed wedding in the Lake District October 2022

Storybook album cover
First 2 pages – the bride and their daughter straight after I arrived at their house, against a background of her crocheted wedding bouquet.
(Pages 2-3)
Pages from Bee-themed, Italian  wedding storybook album
Second two double album pages – as their daughter hugs her dad, and the two little friends munch on snacks. Note the bees!
(Pages 4-5)
Wedding accessories, personalised footwear, personalised satin pyjamas, and bee-themed, crotched bouquets.
So many little wedding details – just look at the crocheted bouquets! Wedding storybook double pages
Flower girl's dresses and crocheted bouquets in Italian wedding storybook.
Flower girl’s dresses and crocheted bouquets in Italian wedding storybook. (Pages 8-9)

Pages 8-9 in this wedding storybook show the little flower girls, holding up their hand crocheted bouquets, on a background of their cute little dresses. The bride’s daughter – on the left – has a dress made to match the bride’s evening outfit.

Pages 10-11
Pages 12-13
Pages 14-15
Pages 16-17
Pages 18-19

Pages 20-21
Pages 22-23
Pages 24-25
Pages 26-27
Pages 28-29
Pages 30-31
Pages 32-33
Pages 34-35
Pages 36-37
Pages 38-39
Pages 40-41
Pages 42-43
Pages 44-45
Arrival at the King Alfred for the wedding reception. Pages 46-47
Pages 48-49
Pages 50-51
Pages 52-53
Pages 54-55
Pages 56-57
Pages 58-59
Pages 60-61

60 pages in total, as the first physical page is the binding that goes between the outer covers and the rest of the pages. ie it starts at page 2 so finishes at page 61.

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