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Couple sue wedding photographer and bad video of their big day

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

 One of our former clients sent me this link

about a bride and groom whose wedding video was a disaster  – very dark and horrendously wobbly.

Their photos were just as bad – not even properly framed (heads chopped off when camera held overhead) or any attempt at professional colour and exposure correction. I’ve also been sent this link with other comments from fellow professional photographers who have all made good advice for brides and grooms wishing to avoid the pain and sadness of a total disaster  with the visual record of their precious wedding memories


Just so you can see which category we fall into with our video – here are a few links as Jorge spend weeks and months editing our wedding DVD or Blu Ray videos as he cannot bear to just do the same for everyone as his background is with whole TV series and dramas in his own country Cuba: I dragged  him away to from his love so apologise for that when I suggested he come to the UK to work and to marry me!

For storybook wedding albums from recent brides and grooms with their chosen images and approved designs: and here for

International wedding photography


Hope this helps.  We are members of the SWPP and have obtained offical recognition through their qualification system, though do of course have full Public Indemnity (in case anyone trip over our legs or anything – though always shout warnings if kneeling down)  and Professional Liability insurance (though no-one has ever needed to claim on this!)Enjoy your wedding research! You are always welcome to visit us here anyway and we have more than 200,000 whole wedding images online – enough for even the most curious and thorough bride and groom to be to learn what its all about…

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