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International, fun and natural, multicultural wedding photography

Saturday, April 20th, 2013
Seychelles, Mauritius, Gambia, Crete, Cyprus  wedding photography

Wedding pics from the Ice Hotel in Sweden, Cap Lazare in the Seychelles, and an Asian wedding

I love all kinds of weddings, anywhere in the world, and have been fortunate to have shared many, many interesting couples exciting weddings from Australia  to Pakistan to Scotland, and many countries in between in 5 different continents. Just a glimpse of possibilities… am sure your wedding would be amazing too, so get in touch if these pics inspire you. xx Elaine and on Facebook  and here –


PS we also create interesting wedding videos, so can come as a team.


Beach wedding in the Seychelles at Cap Lazare

So much love went into preparing for this exotic beach wedding in The Seychelles



natural  and fun multicultural wedding photos

natural and fun wedding photography


Coco Ocean wedding pictures in the Gambia

Sierra Leone couple's wedding at Coco ocean Hotel in The Gambia

cultural wedding in Nigeria by international wedding photographer

Traditional cultural wedding in Nigeria



Asian wedding storybook, Indian and Pakistani wedding pictures

Arty Asian wedding pics

natural Asian wedding storybook photos

Collage of Asian wedding pictures

Asian wedding dress and accessories by Reel Life Photos

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
Asian wedding photography

Wedding bangles

Modern Asian weddings can be personal to you, and have artistic wedding photos to reflect your contemporary twists on ancient traditions. Contact Elaine if you would like this kind of wedding photography for your Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or any other kind of wedding… Asian wedding dress

Beautiful contemporary Asian wedding dress with accessories
Modern Asian wedding dress

Detail of the decorative panel at the top of Saima's wedding dress

details from the full skirt of a modern Asian wedding dress

details from the full skirt of a modern Asian wedding dress

Asian wedding shoes

wedding shoes


Iraqi Arabic bride and groom wedding pictures

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

These are pictures of the bride and groom, taken around the hotel  – Mercure Dunkenhalgh hotel, Blackburn Road, Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire, BB5 5JP  – and in the nearby countryside. You can also see some of their engagement photos  in an earlier blog.

wedding picturers at Mercure Dunkenhalgh hotel, Blackburn

Bride by the window - how beautiful!

wedding invitations in Arabic

wedding invitations in Arabic

Iraqi Arabic wedding invitations

Iraqi Arabic wedding invitations

Jimmy Choos and designer handbag

Oooh, Jimmy Choos...

Arabic wedding invitation phography by Reel Life Photos UK

This wedding invitation spells the bride and groom's names in Arabic, even though it masquerades as just a rose!


white wedding dress with lace and bouquet of yellow roses

The lacy wedding dress and veil act as a foil to this magnificent bouquet of pale yellow roses.

Arabic bride in her lacy white wedding dress - photography by Reel Life Photos

All ready for the wedding!

Bride by the window at Mercure Dunkenhalgh hotel, Blackburn Road, Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire, BB5 5JP

Bride by the window at Mercure Dunkenhalgh hotel near Blackburn


Fun with the cake at Bengali Walimah in Leeds(Asian wedding party for the groom’s family)

Monday, December 31st, 2012
Fun Asian Bengali wedding Walimah photography in Leeds

Wedding fun with Silly Strings

Fun Asian wedding with bride and groom at Walimah in Leeds

Time to cut the cake, but Bengali style!

Bangladeshi Asian wedding Walimah with cutting the cake

cutting the cake - Bengali style

Fun Bangladeshi Asian wedding Walimah in Leeds

Silly strings fly over the bride and groom's heads as they withdraw the knife from their wedding cake.

Asian wedding Walimah in Leeds with fun photos by Elaine

Such fun!

Eating Asian wedding cake at Walimah in Leeds

Time to fed each other soft creamy wedding cake!

Asian wedding traditions at Bangladeshi Walimah in Leeds

Feeding wedding cake

Asian wedding traditions at Walimah in Leeds of feeding cake

Bride feeding wedding cake toher husband's family

Asian wedding cake at Bengali wedding Walimah in Leeds

Dig in everyone...

Fun Asian wedding pictures West Yorkshire by Elaine

Cake fights...? Fun or what!

Apna Centre Leeds North Asian wedding reception

Time to take the cake away!

Visit for more wedding photography by Elaine

Bangladeshi Asian wedding mehndi – henna party – fun, in Leeds

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
Fun Asian Bengali wedding mehndi

Fun with Silly Strings at the end of the Mehndi

Asian wedding photography in Leeds

Such a lovely way to end the day...great fun!

Asian wedding photos Leeds

The " silly strings" ended up all over my camera too!

These fun wedding pictures were taken at the end of the Mehndi, after all the official posed photos had been taken: best part of the night too! xx Elaine

See for more exciting wedding pictures and info about your wedding photography.

Miyaan (Mayaan) Hindu wedding ceremony

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

This is the second wedding we have covered for the same family of boys in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley, so now we feel part of their extended family: many hours work – but all great fun.

Its a bit like a Stag-Do where the bridegroom is smothered in a turmeric paste and coloured powders, but in front of all his family and close friends in the garden of their family home.

Hindu wedding photography of Mayan tradition with coloured powders

Vibrantly coloured pigments ready for use in creating a Mayan wedding design

Hindu wedding photography showing Mayan traditional ceremony

Wonder what this is going to be used for...

Hindu wedding snack before the Mayaan ceremony

Let's start with a little snack before the ceremony starts

detail from Hindu Mayan wedding ceremony

Such rich colours...

Hindu wedding henna Mehndi on hands

beautiful henna designs

Hindu wedding henna on hands at Mayan ceremony

hands fit for a magazine..

 hands with henna at Hindu wedding Mayaan ceremony

more beautiful henna designs

Preparing for a Hindu Mayan wedding ceremony

The women start to get ready for the ceremony.

Hindu women preparing for the Mayan wedding ritual

The arty bit begins...

Hindu wedding art

beautiful little detail...

setting up a Miyaan Hindu wedding ceremony

birds-eye view of the art in progress

Mayaan Hindu wedding ceremony artwork

Art in the making...

Hindu wedding art  nrealy completed

Almost ready...

Hindu wedding photo of Mayan art being created by the Indian women in Barnsley

One of my favourite shots of the artists at work

Hindu women put the finishing touches to their artwork for the Mayan wedding ceremony

Now we see the artists too...

Hindu wedding ritual

All set!

The groom's mother make the first move. Here she is about to smear him with thick turmeric paste

Hindu wedding ritual of painting the groom with yellow turmeric paste

Oh how they are loving it!

The girls are loving this HIndu wedding ritual!

The groom's torment hots up!"

Hindu Mayan wedding  tradition with turmeric paste

Oh such fun!

Hindu groom is smeared in yellow turmeric paste at his first wedding ceremony ritual

How carefully they avoid his eyes and mouth. Seems they all love him!

Groom gets stripped off to allow more turmeric paste to be rubbed onto his bare skin

Ooh this is getting a bit daring!

I actually won first prize in an international  wedding  photography  competition – $1,000, from the Professional Wedding Photographers’ Network and was awarded the top wedding photographer excellence award for pictures from this couple’s Hindu wedding this year 2012, just days after the wedding had taken place!

More pics and wedding info on

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

The first Asian wedding we ever covered was a massive event with 2,000 guests on the final day’s Walimah.  Roll on nearly 10 years and that very same family was organising another wedding, for one of the brothers this time, so the family was happy to invite me to Pakistan. The visa and flights came to over £700, which I  paid myself, so you can see my motive wasn’t financial, but to experience a real Pakistani wedding.

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Asian wedding treats of sweets

Asian in Pakistan: wedding gifts

wedding gifts laid out on the bed for all the guests to see.

Asian wedding in Pakistan: wedding gifts at The Groom's family home in Pakistan

wedding gifts at The Groom's family home in Pakistan

Groom's family in Pakistan

The Groom's blind grandmother, in a beautiful lacy hijab, sits on the bed with her relatives

Asian wedding in Pakistan

entrance to the bride's house in the village decorated for the wedding

Asian wedding in Pakistan with chapati maker

The wedding chapati maker

Preparing chapatis for an Asian wedding in Pakistan

Chapati maker with big chapatis

Asian wedding marquee in Pakistan

table layout

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Top table

Pakistani wedding in a marquee

wedding food will be served first to the men here

Yoghurt maker for Asian wedding in Pakistan

The Yoghurt maker

Salad being prepared for wedding

The salad maker...

Bride's Family waiting before Pakistani wedding

The bride's family on the wedding day

wedding in Pakistan

bride's family in their village home

Father of the bride

Father of the bride

The wedding marquee

purple wedding marquee

entrance to the wedding marquee

entrance to the wedding marquee

Pakistani wedding rituals

The women's decorative headdresses

Pakistani Asian Groom's mother with traditional wedding headdress

Groom's mother with traditional wedding headdress

Asian wedding photos in Pakistan

The groom's father hands out money

Pakistani wedding traditions

more money being handed out by the groom's father

Pakistani traditional wedding customs with symbolic money

Traditional money garlands for the groom

wedding in Pakistan

The groom's brother with their blind grandmother

Asian wedding photography in Pakistan

The groom's horse and all the onlookers

Asian groom on horseback at Pakistani wedding

The groom on horseback outside his family home in Pakistan

groom's cousin on horseback

groom's cousin on horseback

Asian groom riding to his wedding in Pakistan on horseback

Shafkat riding to his wedding on horseback

Groom on horseback at Asian wedding in Pakistan

Shafkat riding past Sadia's mother's family house

Musicians accompany the Asian groom on horseback

Outside the bride's family home in the village of Bhamber

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Shafqat and his brother Saffi

traditional Asian wedding in Pakistan

The men on stage celebrating Shafkat's wedding in Pakistan

Asian bride arrives covered in a shawl

Sadia, the bride, arrives covered from view

Asian wedding photography

The bride revealed!

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Travelling to photograph an Asian wedding in Pakistan

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I had always wanted to travel to India or to Pakistan to photograph a traditional village-style Asian wedding, and last week I got such a chance. My head is so full of images and the overall experience of being immersed into such a different way of life, where I was the only “white” woman the locals had ever seen, that I know I will struggle to choose the right images for this page, knowing that I cannot show you all that is exciting, that depicts even the first day’s travel from Islamabad to the village of Bhamber, 35 kilometers outside Jhelum, without totally crowding out this blog, so here are just a few photos  that might entice you to look further.

Colourfully decorated lorry in Pakistan

Colourfully decorated lorry in Pakistan

The first day involved a 3 hours drive from Islamabad airport, squashed two to a seat , as I clicked away at all the colourful lorries  and buses which, unlike our beasts, look for all the world like elegant gypsy wagons, complete with curves, tiny patterns and shiny chrome.

Detail from a Pakistani lorry shot from the minibus while travelling from Islamabad

such beautiful designs and colours - and all different!

Outside Islamabad airport, the desperate, but highly skilled, beggars plead and badger you till you either give in or are rescued by your transport.

Pakistani bus with its ladder to the "top deck"

Pakistani bus with its ladder to the "top deck"

decorated lorry in Pakistan

Pakistan transport - wagon with a rose

This lorry is a bit different with is large flower on the back

Pakistani bus and wagons

Pakistani bus and wagons
Pakistani wagon.

Even the most basic are works of art!

tall painted wagon in Pakistan
detail from a decorated lorry in Pakistan

detail from a decorated lorry in Pakistan

typical dry landscape near Islamabad

typical dry landscape near Islamabad. They also seem to be removing much earth from the soil all round here, maybe for building materials...?

travel picture from Pakistan

colourful Rickshaw

Asian wedding photography in Bradford

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

To see the pages properly, just click on them, one by one, as these thumbnails only show the middle of each page. We have loads more info on our site too, and love travelling to any wedding venue, be it in the UK or an exciting wedding destination abroad. We have more than 8,000 wedding photos on our Facebook Page , selections of wedding galleries, and other wedding storybooks , so have fun looking at some of them, and get in touch with Elaine if you are keen to secure her as your wedding photographer, or just need a bit more info.

To see the pages properly, just click on them, one by one. We have loads more info on our site too.

Asian wedding mehndi (henna) photos Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Tonight’s  Mehndi (henna painting) was beautifully relaxed as took place within the friendly atmosphere of the bride’s in law’s home.  I was only supposed to stop-by for an hour from 9-10.00pm but in the end had such a lovely evening I stayed to beyond midnight.  Here is a taster of the art created by Aatika.

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

the first hand is nearly complete

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

the underside of both hands

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

intricately painted henna

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

upper side of the Asian bride's hands with her freshyly painted Mehndi

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

Mehndi artist Aatika Hughs at work

female Asian wedding photographer in West Yorkshire Mehndi pictures

expressive mehndi hands

You can see more on our Facebook page. xx Elaine

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