Asian wedding in Pakistan

The first Asian wedding we ever covered was a massive event with 2,000 guests on the final day’s Walimah.  Roll on nearly 10 years and that very same family was organising another wedding, for one of the brothers this time, so the family was happy to invite me to Pakistan. The visa and flights came to over £700, which I  paid myself, so you can see my motive wasn’t financial, but to experience a real Pakistani wedding.

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Asian wedding treats of sweets

Asian in Pakistan: wedding gifts

wedding gifts laid out on the bed for all the guests to see.

Asian wedding in Pakistan: wedding gifts at The Groom's family home in Pakistan

wedding gifts at The Groom's family home in Pakistan

Groom's family in Pakistan

The Groom's blind grandmother, in a beautiful lacy hijab, sits on the bed with her relatives

Asian wedding in Pakistan

entrance to the bride's house in the village decorated for the wedding

Asian wedding in Pakistan with chapati maker

The wedding chapati maker

Preparing chapatis for an Asian wedding in Pakistan

Chapati maker with big chapatis

Asian wedding marquee in Pakistan

table layout

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Top table

Pakistani wedding in a marquee

wedding food will be served first to the men here

Yoghurt maker for Asian wedding in Pakistan

The Yoghurt maker

Salad being prepared for wedding

The salad maker...

Bride's Family waiting before Pakistani wedding

The bride's family on the wedding day

wedding in Pakistan

bride's family in their village home

Father of the bride

Father of the bride

The wedding marquee

purple wedding marquee

entrance to the wedding marquee

entrance to the wedding marquee

Pakistani wedding rituals

The women's decorative headdresses

Pakistani Asian Groom's mother with traditional wedding headdress

Groom's mother with traditional wedding headdress

Asian wedding photos in Pakistan

The groom's father hands out money

Pakistani wedding traditions

more money being handed out by the groom's father

Pakistani traditional wedding customs with symbolic money

Traditional money garlands for the groom

wedding in Pakistan

The groom's brother with their blind grandmother

Asian wedding photography in Pakistan

The groom's horse and all the onlookers

Asian groom on horseback at Pakistani wedding

The groom on horseback outside his family home in Pakistan

groom's cousin on horseback

groom's cousin on horseback

Asian groom riding to his wedding in Pakistan on horseback

Shafkat riding to his wedding on horseback

Groom on horseback at Asian wedding in Pakistan

Shafkat riding past Sadia's mother's family house

Musicians accompany the Asian groom on horseback

Outside the bride's family home in the village of Bhamber

Asian wedding in Pakistan

Shafqat and his brother Saffi

traditional Asian wedding in Pakistan

The men on stage celebrating Shafkat's wedding in Pakistan

Asian bride arrives covered in a shawl

Sadia, the bride, arrives covered from view

Asian wedding photography

The bride revealed!

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