International, fun and natural, multicultural wedding photography

Seychelles, Mauritius, Gambia, Crete, Cyprus  wedding photography

Wedding pics from the Ice Hotel in Sweden, Cap Lazare in the Seychelles, and an Asian wedding

I love all kinds of weddings, anywhere in the world, and have been fortunate to have shared many, many interesting couples exciting weddings from Australia¬† to Pakistan to Scotland, and many countries in between in 5 different continents. Just a glimpse of possibilities… am sure your wedding would be amazing too, so get in touch if these pics inspire you. xx Elaine and on Facebook  and here Р


PS we also create interesting wedding videos, so can come as a team.


Beach wedding in the Seychelles at Cap Lazare

So much love went into preparing for this exotic beach wedding in The Seychelles



natural  and fun multicultural wedding photos

natural and fun wedding photography


Coco Ocean wedding pictures in the Gambia

Sierra Leone couple's wedding at Coco ocean Hotel in The Gambia

cultural wedding in Nigeria by international wedding photographer

Traditional cultural wedding in Nigeria



Asian wedding storybook, Indian and Pakistani wedding pictures

Arty Asian wedding pics

natural Asian wedding storybook photos

Collage of Asian wedding pictures

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