one day’s visit to Hong Kong: Hong Kong in pictures

Hong Kong seems to be two worlds: one of ultra modern continuous shopping malls, and one of ancient traditions and culture. blue and yellow bus in Hong KongChinese Shrine

 The visual excitement of landing in Hong Kong is almost too much, but I’m sad as my camera kit is somewhere on another plane so I miss capturing the sweep of the bay as the Hong Kong Express swings round to reveal its beauty.  Enormous skyscrapers shoot upwards like credit cards on their side, slim and impossibley balanced.  Gradually the open sea gives way to continuous monoliths of mankind’s crowded acievements – skyliving to the extreme, an explosion of upwards space enclosed and encaged.

I ask directions to ther nearest camera shop, and follow a trail that eventually leads to a pro hire shop on the 11th floor of Lumar Street off 89 Lockard Road  Wai Chai, and an EOS 20D instead of my two 5D  Canons  but am so happy I can at least capture something of these few brief hours in Hong Kong before flying to off to Australia to cover Lisa and Andy’s wedding in Jacob’s Creek Retreat on 15 March.

zillions of colourful Chinese characters announce Hong Kong to me A yellow clad boy plays sport on a rain shining play area below tower blocks in Hong Kong Chinese woman walks between towering blocks of living accommodation in Hong Kong Chinese man contrasts with artistic signs colourful Chinese neon signs in Hong Kong

beautiful movement from Chinese flower shop in Hong Kong

Chinese frood shop Chinese sign writer

blue Chinese writing on sign in Hong Kong 

Beautiful female Chinese shopper





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