Wedding prep at Waterton Park Hotel

Geese on the lake at Waterton Park Hotel

Geese on the lake at Waterton Park Hotel

Waterton Park Hotel Wedding venue near Wakefield

Spring at Waterton Park Hotel

wedding venue near Wakefield: Waterton Park Hotel

View of Waterton Park Hotel, Walton Hall on the island

Weddings at Waterton Park Hotel are always very special due to the wonderful location on a private island on the lake

The trees are still fresh, as if Spring has only just unfurled, as the light catches the water while the fisherman cast their lines and the Geese go about their day….


Kirsty and Paul chose Waterton Park Hotel for their 15 May 2011 wedding day, which started bright and early with all the little ones in the large en-suite room in the new part of the building.  This room has changed quite a bit since our first ever wedding here in June 2002 for Lisa & Paul.  Gone is the four poster bed, replaced by normal beds… but the charming mirror is still there, just moved to a better light for makeup by the window.


black and white reportage wedding picture at Waterton Park Hotel

wedding preparations 1


getting ready wedding pics at Waterton Park Hotel

wedding preparations 2

wedding at Waterton Park Hotel

preparations 3

bride has finished her hair and working on her makeup in the mirror

preparations 4

adult bridesmaid having her hair done professionally

preparations 5

unusual 2 piece wedding dress on the bed

two piece wedding dress bodice and skirt

bride's Mum helping her on with her Tiara

bride's Mum fixing her Tiara

bride and her daughter share a private moment before the wedding

Tender moment with bride and her daughter

wedding fun at Waterton Park Hotel

Little bridesmaids tickle the pageboy

cute little bridesmaid by the window

cute little bridesmaid by the window

fun with the bridesmaids by the irror

Little bridesmaids having fun by the mirror

Loads more pics still to come from this wedding, when I get a moment!! You can see them all online anyway under All Day Wedding Pictures on our site. See below…

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