Wedding photography in Leeds using a borrowed car

wedding photography Leeds: bride with wedding car

Happy smiles from our Asian bride photographed by a borrowed wedding car!


There’s a story behind this wedding photo.  The bride didn’t book a wedding car, so her photographer took her bridesmaids from the hotel to Leeds Register Office, and chauffeured them all back to the hotel in two trips in the evening.  Both the bride and groom had lost their previous partners,  so with 5 children of her own and two of her new husbands,  hiring a limo was a luxury they sadly decided to forgo. Then their wedding photographer spotted the car, all on its own while, parked up while waiting for its officially hired bride to come out of the register office in Leeds, and decided to be cheeky! A quick plea from the driver and the borrowed car became the focus of this photo shoot!  Happy , happy happy! That’s how we like our brides! xx Elaine


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xx Elaine and Cuban videoman Jorge

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