Somali African wedding photography

Have just been talking with my Somali bride for tomorrow.  She was in about to have her henna painted on her hands, and is a really lovely girl. She is even getting me a blue – my favourite colour – Somali dress to wear for the occasion so even though I am the wedding photographer, I will be part of the family and fit in nicely. Wahoo!

I was supposed to just capture her arriving at the venue – Al Waalis Banquesting Hall – but now am going to meet her at her house to capture her getting ready and to get to know her family and friends too, so we get natural smiley pics on her wedding day reception!


And here they are  – the first few pics of the bridal preparations before our lovely Somali bride sets off for her wedding reception party.

Somali wedding pictures of hands and henna

The bride's friend paints silver dots to add sparkle to her henna decorated hands.

Somali wedding pictures of hands and henna painting

The bride takes over and paints her own hands

Somali bride's hands

Beautiful Somali henna

Gorgeous Somali bride's hands

The bride's friend paints silver dots to add sparkle to her henna decorated hands.

Beautiful Somali bride's hands being painted with henna

Beautiful Somali bride's hands and friend's blue nails

Pictures of Somali wedding preparations

henna details

beautiful Somali henna designs

beautiful Somali henna designs

Natural Somali wedding picture of Somali henna design on bride's hand

Natural Somali wedding picture

Somali bride getting ready for her wedding in Manchester

Such elegant hands and henna designs.

Picture of Somali wedding preparations

Somali bride's elegant henna designs - the bride makes sure it is done right!


Somali bride's hands with henna

Bride's hands - so beautiful!

Somali wedding pictures of bride's expressive hands and feet

Just caught the bride sitting like this naturally, totally unposed! Breath-taking!

expressive feet before Somali wedding

The wedding stress is showing in the bride's clenched feet

Somali bridesmaids and friends before the wedding

Wedding makeup time for the Somali girls

Somal bride before her wedding

Hands and feet finished - now time for the makeup

Last but not least in this series of images – wedding photographer Elaine (me) in the lovely blue dress the bride gave me.

Wedding photographer Elaine with Somali bride

Me in Somali dress - with the bride.






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