Pictures of Nigerian bride from London at her wedding in Nigeria

I met our modern-day British born Nigerian bride in London, before agreeing to photograph her white wedding in a church in London.  Then I discovered she was also going to Nigeria with her family – to have a cultural wedding!  A few emails, Facebook messages  and phone calls later, and I was heading out to post my visa application …  The following pics are from the second day  of the celebrations, the first having been in the family’s original village, with the tribal elders.

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Coral necklaces as part of traditional wedding in Nigeria
Bride with her mother, both wearing traditional coral necklaces ready for her cultural wedding reception in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The bride’s coral necklace is often a family heirloom, that has been handed down overt the generations.  Our bride here is also wearing a coral-beaded hat, and her mother a traditional Nigerian headdress, in stiff shiny fabric.

Marquee wedding reception in Nigeria

The bride is about to walk round the house to her wedding in these marquees in Nigeria
The wedding party arrives for wedding reception in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Laura’s traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony

I was captivated by the little girls and their colourful reflections in the shiny surfaces of the vehicles left and right , as the bridal party processes down the road.  The bride’s mother in the centre in fuchsia pink , with a patterned magenta and orange wrapper gently restrains one of the girls so they can rush past.

Nigerian wedding as the bide's mother arrives for teh wedding reception in Port Harcourt
The bride’s mother mops her perspiring skin beneath a heavily overcast sky that threatens to ruin the outdoor wedding…
Bride shielded from the sun in Nigeria
Its hot, hot, hot! Parasol, fan and handkerchief, and this Nigerian bride is still suffering
Traditional Nigerian wedding dance in Port Harcourt
The handkerchief may be needed if our bride has to keep up this dancing walk for much longer…
bride performing a traditional Nigerian weddingh dance.
Laura’s concentration is tremendous!
Pictures of wedding dance in Nigeria

The marquees are sectioned off to accommodate the different family members and labelled so all the relatives know whereabouts  to sit.

bride in traditional Nigerian wedding costume dances her way into the marriage celebrations
The wedding dance continues in the open space between the marquees, with the bride clutching her traditional accessory for the dance – a walking stick!
The bride was late arriving - took too long to get ready, so the look on the bridesmaid's faces reminds me!
The bride was late arriving – took too long to get ready, so the look on the bridesmaid’s faces reminds me!
wedding in Nigeria with children dancing
Now this is more like it, as the little children dance their hearts out…
bride during wedding ceremony in Nigeria
Notice the change of dress, headdress and jewellery back at the house? No wonder it takes so long!
Nigerian tribal chief strides through the wet streets to the wedding in Nigeria
Tribal chief strides through the shining wet streets to the wedding – seems we missed the rain while the bride was getting changed.
Wedding in Nigeria as the bride arrives
Nigerian bride avoids the puddles and is protected by a parasol. Sidestepping puddles, and protected from any last raindrops by a young girl holding a parasol, the bride arrives ready for part two of the wedding ceremony

I love this picture.  The barbed wire on the wall above is typical of the walled and gated  compounds  – to protect the residents against thieves and worse… The reflections in giant puddles that have appeared while the bride was getting changed, and the brooding sky add drama to the image.

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