At the hair salon before the wedding in Egypt by Reel Life Photos

wedding hairdressers shop in El Minya Egypt

This wedding hair and make-up specialist shop in El Minya, Egypt was a hive of activity when I arrived around 4pm to start cover of Afram and Mona’s wedding. One Muslim bride was almost ready to head off for her wedding and Mona was lying in a chair, her beautiful white wedding dress covered with a purple plastic apron. Mona’s hairdresser was busy plucking her eyebrows, thickly adding strong dark lines to make them really stand out. He then proceeded to add layers of lilac and sparkling white to her eyelids in a powerful pattern, before painting several matching pinky lilac layers on her lips.

Egyptian style wedding fashion eye make-up lipstick layers painted in for Egyptian wedding

wedding hair and make-up in Egypt


bridal hair styling for Egyptian wedding

Then another guy starts work styling the brides hair, using doubly hooked bent hairpins, black hair nets and a very hot set of curling tongs that have been heated on a one of the gas flames set on the bench – just like using a Bunsen burner at school!

Egyptian curling tongs heated on a gas flameEgyptian wedding hair salon in El Minya

bridal hair styling for Egyptian wedding

putting on Egyptian bride’s veil

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