natural and artistic pics by international wedding photographer Elaine

natural wedding photographer

Wherever your wedding, be it on the beach in an exotic location, a church or simple hall, we can help create your memories, with snippets from your wedding day.

Everybody would love to have perfect wedding pictures and not to have to pay much.  We are not talking about getting friends on their mobiles or even friends with a nice camera to take them,  but to have an experienced professional with a great eye and creativity to fit in with you and what you want and maybe even to think of something you didn’t even know you would like.  I mean – how much experience do most brides-to-be have of contemporary wedding photography?  Most images from weddings are those they see on their friend’s Facebook pages the day after or even on the day of their wedding,  or have seen in older-styled wedding albums.  Not every picture is an award-winning shot, but combined together they tend to form a bridge between the actual event and wedding day memories that fade over the years.

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