Asian weddings in the UK at least, are very different from English weddings.  The bride gets married on the same day , but in a separate room  from her husband. Their Islamic wedding can even take place in two entirely separate locations, with the groom having his Nikah in the mosque, while the bride might be at home with her family.  The groom’s Nikah is usually quite lengthy, whereas the brides can simply be a few words long – a verbal agreement that she gives her consent to marry her groom.  The groom will most likely sit in a circle with all the men, and the Imam – priest – at his side or opposite him, whereas the bride will be surrounded by a few female friends or relatives, and have her head completely covered in her dupatta – ornate (usually red) shawl. She can even miss hearing her own Nikah and still be married under Islamic law… (not sure how that works though, but have seen it happen)



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