Gypsy wedding in West Yorkshire

I’ve always wanted to photograph a gypsy wedding – way, way before all the TV programs started.  Having been a professional wedding photographer since 2000, travelled to wedding venues as different as the Ice Hotel in Sweden, a beach wedding in the Seychelles, a luxury liner sailing round Sydney, high society and grass roots African weddings in The Gambia, an Orthodox wedding in Egypt, many Asian, Hindu and Sikh weddings, weddings in Pakistan and Nigeria as well as a Bedouin wedding in black tents in Jordan, I have now had my wish come true.

Traveller wedding dress in West Yorkshire

Traveller wedding dress is being fluffed up by the bride’s family


Gypsy wedding documentary photo

Love the story going on here, as the family wait in the bar before heading off to the wedding, and the bride’s little sister is doing up the shoes.

After waiting nearly an hour for the groom and his family to turn up,  they suddenly realise they have forgotten the rings!  The bride, in the meantime, has already arrived, but the limo driver is told to keep driving on past the church.

Gypsy wedding - the bride'e elegant sister.


Gipsy wedding in Castleford

The groom arrives, at last, with his pint of beer in hand.


Gypsy wedding - black and white documentary picture

The groom ‘s family are celebrating gypsy-style, with a good natter and a pint, before the church ceremony has even begun.


Gipsy wedding as the Hummer arrives

Two gipsy boys lean out of the windows of the wedding limo as it pulls up outside the church


Traveller wedding pageboy crying

This little gypsy pageboy has had enough! The wedding car arrives, not a moment too soon for this little page boy, who is being consoled by his cousin.


gipsy wedding picture of bride with her father at church in West Yorkshire

Gipsy bride at the door of the church with her father at the start of her wedding


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