Black and White wedding Photography

I am, above all else, a colourist.  From way back in the days I started out as an artist, living and painting in Greece, colour dawned on me like a thunderbolt: strong ultramarine brush strokes, vibrant reds and contrasting areas of light and shade became my trademark.  Yesterday however, I was challenged to post a series of black and white photos on my Facebook site, to show off the potential of that medium.

Black and white used to be the only medium available for photographers when I first started out.  I spent hours and hours with my Brownie Box Camera – a present from my father for my first ever school trip to London when I was 11 – sticking the family photos I shot into an album, using gold photo corners and labelling them in white ink on black card with a dip in pen.  Sadly these photos albums no longer exist, as my parents, blessed with a large family – of whom I am the eldest – completed various moves after I left home, so I guess they were abandoned in an uncleared loft space loft space, or found their way accidentally, in the bin.  I do however, still have the photos my grandfather took of my parents on their wedding day, and two pictures of me with my grandmother, as a baby.

So, now my art has come fill circle – allowing the images to speak for themselves, not from lack of colour, but from the unconstrained and uncluttered emotions, that become the focus of pure black and white.


Natural black and white wedding photography

Natural black and white wedding photography – shows off the smiles and emotions.

nature black and white wedding photography in Yorkshire - the champagne

Black and white wedding picture of the froth flowing from a freshly popped champagne bottle

An emotional moment captured ina black and white photo, as a little girl hugs her cousin during a wedding.

Hugs from the bride;s son to his little cousin, – an emotional moment in time.


Coincidentally. these three wedding pictures are all from the same wedding story.


xx Elaine Borges-Ibanez

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  1. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Of course. If the whole impact of the image is in the colour then that is how it should stay. However, there are occasions when the colour can detract from the impact of the overall emotion or story. I started out in black and white – on film, as colour film was too expensive at that time, but now that we have a choice. Am sure you print beautifyl canvasses full of colour! I personally feel canvass is for oil paintings, as the texture gets in the way of the underlying texture in the photo itself, but then I would say that as have a house full of oil paintings from my first career as an artist! xx

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