Asian wedding photography in West Yorkshire

We have just completed a 3 day Asian wedding in Dewsbury and Batley and Ravensthorpe – all popular areas for UK residents whose families originate from India and Pakistan, so many of our wedding clients are Gujarati or Urdu or Arabic speaking Muslims,  Sikhs or Hindus.

I can’t as yet show you more than a few details till the couple get back from their honeymoon in Dubai and Mauritius, as they have requested to be the first to see their wedding photos.

Asian wedding makeup

Shadows reflected on an opaque door as the Asian make up artist plies her craft


Asian Bride's hand showing her Mehndi (henna) decorations

Putting the finishing touches to the bride’s hands.
Asian wedding dress - the lenga

The bride's lenga (wedding dress) is laid out ready to wear


Asian Bride's hand showing her Mehndi (henna) decorations

All ready to go...

Asian wedding photography in Batley & Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

A soft light catches the bride's long wedding scarf showing off its rich colours

Asian wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery completes the outfit

Asian bride in her wedding jewellery

Bride puts on her earrings

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xx Elaine

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