Asian bride’s Walima (reception) at Al Hikmah Centre in Batley

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The wedding cars, the arrival, the grand entrance, then the constant flow of family and friends onto the  “Stage”, all perform their ritual roles, but what I like best is capturing the exquisite  details the beautiful Asian brides present.  I use the term “Asian” in the sense that it is used in the UK, to mean Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, though fully appreciate that in other parts of the world the term is more likely to refer to Chinese, Malayan, Korean, or many of the other groups in the geographical location,  simply because in the West Yorkshire area where I live (Dewsbury) , we have a  25% Muslim population, and this is the accepted meaning for Asian in our area.

Details of Asian bride's hands covered in intricate henna designs

Details of bride’s hands covered in intricate henna designs

Traditional Asian Bridal photography in West Yorkshire

traditional poses to show off hands and face

Asian wedding photography with bride posing her hennaed hands

Look how elegantly she poses her henna painted hands

Asian Bridal Photography: Bride with Mona Lisa-like enigmatic smile

Bride with Mona Lisa-like enigmatic smile

The newly wed Asian bride and groom  pose for their wedding photographer

Slightly more contemporary Asian bride and groom pose

Asian bride and groom

Formal Asian wedding photography poses

Contact Elaine of  Reel Life Photos if you fancy having an exciting international wedding photographer who will literally travel anywhere for your wedding.  We have experience of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim weddings and various other ethnic groups such as Chinese, or various African weddings, including two in The Gambia, West Africa, and one in Nigeria.  We have even photographed a wedding in Pakistan for the brother of a former Asian bride of ours.  Would love to photograph a wedding in India too, and am always happy to travel to any  other countries as well as anywhere in the UK  if that helps make your day special.  Just LOVE weddings! xx Elaine

We also work in a modern style and can create beautiful contemporary storybook albums.  As we have to keep these private though I can’t show them here online.

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  1. zara Says:

    hi she looks stunning really good 🙂

  2. Zara Says:

    Lovely and thankz Elaine u look lods of nice pics 🙂

  3. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Aw thanks Zara. Well the next wedding will be your Uncle’s, so it seems! Will see you all then again! xx Elaine

  4. Zara Says:

    Oh yeh ur right his is comin very soon 🙂

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