Art picture postcards from Tunisia

Abstract art Arabic script on a boat

Red boat on blue with Arabic boat

abstract art patterns as fine art postcard

Shadows in the Midday Sun

abstract art

Tunisian Boat in patterns of yellow blue and orangey red

Tunisian food

Chilli red

Abstract art with Tunisian umbrellas

Stormy Skies and Woven Sunshades in Tunisia

abstract art inTunisian camel saddle rag rugs

abstract art patterns in camel saddle rugs

abstract art

Beauty in decay...Rusty iron spikes in concrete

tranquil river refelctions in Tunisia


abstract art

Patterns of Metal on White

abstract art in Tunisian window

Artful window

passing camel by on beach

Shadows and structures with passing camel.

abstract art  postcard

Textures in blue and neutral

Hammamet near Sentido Phenicia hotel

Shadows in the sand.

art postcard of pottery patterns

Pottery Patterns

abstract art photo

Cogs on yellow and orange

Tunisian boat filled with water

Abandoned boat

Abstract art photo with colours of Tunisia

Tunisian Colours

sunset over beach in Tunisia

Sunset Gold

abstract art patterns on sun lounger

Zig-zag highlighted in golden light

abstract art photo

Sand textures between wood grain.

abstract art

Sea Meets Sand

smiling Tunisian cook at Sentido Phenicia

Smiling Tunisian Chef

swimming pool as abstract art

Blue Pool in Late Evening Sunlight seen as Abstract Art

postcard of Tunisian window and blue painted metal doors

Tunisia Blue and White

Just a few art images  from my first few days in Tunisia, that would make beautiful picture postcards.  Not been able to wander far from the hotel due to being at a photographer’s conference here,  but still think they are interesting.  Will see more of Hammamet tomorrow.

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