Winter wedding at Monk Fryston Hotel, West Yorkshire

The minute we walked through the door of Tracy and Simon’s  house where the girls were getting ready, we were greeted with such warmth and tenderness, that I knew the day would be wonderful and very easy to make the vital connections that make for real photographs with depth and emotion. 

Mum Tracy with daughter Jade all smiles

How can I pick my favourite pictures or to highlight the best moments of the day?  An impossible task!  Tracy requests a quick photo with her daughter Jade, before leaving to get married and start their new life, and they gave me this….


Just to set the scene here’s a pic of the hotel on 30 December – a mild mid-Winter’s day – our last wedding of the year –  30 December 2007.

The crowd of close family –  Mum, daughter and Aunties etc  –  line up outside the main entrance to Monk Fryston Hotel to await the late afternoon arrival of the bride to be:

Outside Monk Fryston Hotel waiting for the bride

The wedding ceremony is sealed with a kiss

 Sealed with a Kiss such a tender kiss… 

 Welcome drinks by the Christmas Tree

So after  the welcome drinks and few pics by the Christmas tree

Loving glance as newly-weds ride in the wedding car

there is a short car ride to celebrate the start of a new journey together.  On return to Monk Fryston,  the couple gets out and joyously walks hand in hand under the well-lit wintery trees…

hand in hand they walk midst the trees at night

bridal portrait outside Monk Fryston Hotel at night

night lit love

Such a shame we have to come inside, but the party goes on and its not fun if overdone, so we just sneak a few shots outside in the dark before heading back inside for the wedding reception.

a shot with Dad! Tracy’s Dad, Iain proudly poses with his daughter, by the grandfather  clock.

generation shot with grandma, her children and grandchildren

If there are any special family trees, with at least one grandparent at the top, then its a great opportunity to gather them all around for a special generation shot.  Mum Janet rolls her eyes and smart Grandma Anna, just laughs and smiles.

Simon’s Granddad with his extended family

Simon’s Granddad with his extended family of children, grandchildren and great grand children



Tracy on the fourposter bed in the bridal suite 

Tracy is such a natural as she glides across the bed, all smiles, while bridegroom Simon looks on and laughs, backlit from the en-suite bathroom light.

 Simon - backlit by the light from the bathroom - laughs 

laughter during the meal  what a waste of lovely red wine!

Brilliant wedding reception, but trust me to knock my wine over: what a waste!

The speeches and presentations go with a swing! 

The wedding speeches and presentations go down a treat!

Little girl blowing bubbles Sepia photos of back of bridesmaid’s hair

    This little girl certainly loves her Grandma

Beautiful moments…  This little girl certainly loves her Grandma!

All partied out!

All partied out!

                               Romantic Kiss outside at night Kiss under the tree at night outside

Piggy Back in the dark

Simon gives Tracy a Piggy Back outside Monk Fryston Hotel in the dark!  Plenty of fun…

Sweet nothings in her ear…

Then whispers sweet nothings in her ear….


Goodnight from wedding at Monk Fryston Hotel


Goodnight Kiss in the Dark

goodnight kiss in the dark outside in garden of Monk Fryston

Its just a few minutes before midnight when we down tools and start packing up

 –  tired, but very happy that we’ve all had a good day…












2 Responses to “Winter wedding at Monk Fryston Hotel, West Yorkshire”

  1. TracyandSimon Says:

    Our wedding day….It was the most perfect day that anyone could wish for….the weather was perfect for the time of year and everything went to plan….and the icing on the cake has to be….that the day was captured in all its “perfectness” by two of the most WONDERFUL photographers that there could ever be!!! It was just after lunch when you arrived at our home…and from that moment you made us all feel so comfortable, so at ease…you made each of us feel special and made it so easy to be around the camera….and by the end of the day…our sides were aching with all of the fun and laughter you brought to the day. We hope that you would agree that you came as “the photographers”…and left as friends. We feel so lucky to have found you…the pictures you took will be a perminant memory of our special day and they could not be more perfect. So thank you….both of you….from the bottom of our hearts…. XX

  2. TracyandSimon Says:

    It IS wonderful that we have so many totally AMAZING pictures to choose from…our wedding pictures are better than I could EVER imagined!!!

    I must admit…my first wedding…the pictures were horrid…dull..lifeless…so disapointing…

    So this time…I knew what I wanted and the style I liked etc….and to be honest was a little anxious over it all…

    But you guys have truly blown me away….and its WONDERFUL!!! :o)

    Tracy XX

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