Sierra Leone cultural wedding in the Gambia

This is just part of a storybook wedding album, but the actual day could have filled a whole album by itself.  The couple live in the UK , have family living in The Gambia, but also still have many other family members living in Sierra Leone, so it was easier for everyone to hold the cultural wedding in the Gambia.

Sierra Leone family in cultural dress at a traditional wedding in the Gambia

Family pics after the cultural wedding

cultural Sierra Leone wedding ceremony in The Gambia

Love the blue and yellow outfits and the close family atmosphere.


children playing in the Gambia wearing traditional wedding costumes from Sierra Leone

The couple's children enjoy their free time to play after the traditional cultural wedding ceremony is completed.


stilt dancer and musicains during Sierra Leone cultural wedding in the Gambia

Everybody is having a great time, watching the stilt dancer who swirls and twirls with confident agility, and perform a scary show with a real snake, while traditional musicians get us in the mood for dancing too!

The rest of the pages in this storybook show their civil and religious weddings at Coco Ocean Hotel so have separated them out into a different blog post.

This is the final page in their wedding storybook then

sunset wedding picture in the Gambia at Coco Ocean by the sea

final page in the storybook album - a romantic kiss at sunset by the pool at Coco Ocean, with the sea behind them


The rest of the storybook is here on our Blog.

If you like what you have seen here, you can see more wedding pictures on our Facebook page or by looking in the albums there and also of course on our main website

xx Elaine and Jorge


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