Reel Life Photos International wedding photographer in Cairo Egypt

Reel Life Photos wedding photographer in Cairo Egypt

Picture of Elaine & an Egyptian girl in Cairo taken by her little sister!

Just arrived today in Egypt to cover an Egyptian clients wedding in El Minya. Couldn’t resist taking a few interesting travel pics along the way though. See
for the whole lot.

On arrival at the customs exit of the airport, amidst all the unruly jostling crowds, an Egyptian with an official name tag did the usual offering to find you to a hotel script, but since I had nothing planned anywhere, accepted the travel agents offer and ended up being delivered in person to the hotel of my choice – a budget hostel in Downtown Cairo called New Palace Hotel.

View from the balcony of New Palace Hotel

View from the balcony of New Palace Hotel in Cairo Egypt

local Egyptians in downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo

An Egyptian’s pride and Joy

classic American car in Cairo

Well its now day two in Cairo so have a look at the rest of the pics here:

New Palace Hotel rooftop cafe in Cairo

Rooftop garden cafe at New Palace Hotel

Had a lovely meal – for just over £1- (10 Egyptian pounds), with fish, tomato & cucumber salad, aubergines, rice, pitta bread and Tahini: very spicy, but typically Egyptian. I’m sure you would love it here – the street life, full of colour at night and everyone sitting out of doors. The down side is the drivers are crazy- weaving in and out all over the place tooting their horns all day and night, missing pedestrians by millimetres – literally!

Am going to see the nearest Pyramid and Sphinx tomorrow. Have hired a private driver-taxi so will be safe: its £20 but worth it, as I would never find it using public transport: Cairo is HUGE! The cars all spew out soot and black exhaust fumes but its good round where I am staying though.



Egyptian girls dancing on boat on river Nile






Egyptian girls dancing on boat on river Nile

Had a little boat trip tonight – on the river Nile – one where all the young people go and dance to Arabic music – like in a wedding.


A man selling tea on the boat, before it set off ripped me off as should have brought my change from £1 (10 Egyptian pounds), said he would come back with the 6 Egyptian pounds – but he didn’t!. Still it was only peanuts, and he would be very happy now! Otherwise all has been very good.

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