Is it Ok to use a friend as your wedding photographer? First Dance.

Everyone has a camera nowadays.  Even the humble mobile phone has the ability to capture very pleasing pictures  – outdoors on a nice sunny day, or even in the cold and  snow –   and many people rely on this or the new, big camera sported by a keen photographer friend, so anyone can take nice pictures nowadays… or can they?

If the person behind the lens understands the technology and is able to compose a good picture, and has experience of what sort of pictures a bride and groom wants, and has the dedication and knowledge to edit them properly he or she might get a few good daylight images.  What about poor weather conditions though?  I personally cringe when I see the pics shot by friends and family on Facebook, as they are almost always too dark, and usually pretty blurry, as well as just being a jumble of people all over the place. But at least they will have something and save a lot of money…? Depends if photos are important to you… or is it just the wedding dress and great day out and personal memories that count?

What happens though, if the person – or people – entrusted to take your wedding photos, duffs up?…  There are so many horror stories around, but this particular one has left the couple without any usable photos at all of their wedding day, and now the friend is no longer a friend!

If you don’t have time to follow that link, basically their photographer friend just put the memory card in his wallet, instead of downloading and backing up the pics, then lost it a week later when he couldn’t find his jacket with it in, after a pub visit, so they don’t have any wedding photos they can use now!

All that time spent planning a wedding day, paying for a beautiful wedding dress, flowers, and venue, yet nothing left to show for it once the food had been eaten… Such a shame!

“Oh I do sympathise, I made the same mistake! A friend offered to take our photos as a wedding present. He had done weddings before and showed us his photos, which were lovely. But on the day, without our knowledge, his camera broke so he borrowed one and couldn’t get it to work. He gave us the film undeveloped (I think he knew what was coming!) and when we got the film processed they were awful! We also had disposable cameras on the tables – which meant no-one used their own cameras so most of our wedding snaps are grainy poor quality snaps. I was in tears and sadly it did cause a rift with our friend. If we’d known the camera had broken we would have asked our friends to take as many photos as they could! We’ve been married for 7 happy years now and have one beautiful photo that we salvaged in pride of place in our living room, and I love it 🙂 Whenever anyone tells me they are getting married my one piece of advice is to invest in a good photographer.

– Helen, London, 16/6/2012 01:23″

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Compare this first dance pic…

Mrs Sanderson, who lives in St Blazey, Cornwall, said: 'I am absolutely gutted. We can't even talk about the wedding now, the whole thing has left a bitter taste in our mouths'

Mrs Sanderson, who lives in St Blazey, Cornwall, said: ‘I am absolutely gutted. We can’t even talk about the wedding now, the whole thing has left a bitter taste in our mouths’

to this:
First dance pics from wedding at Holiday Inn West Yorkshire

First Dance.

or this

Evening wedding pictures, first dance, Waterton Park Hotel, night time photos

First dance pictures at Waterton Park Hotel in storybook album

or this

first dance wedding pictures

Oh so much in love! First dance at Lake District wedding

or this

evening wedding reception pictures near Bradford

True romance!

or this

Creole dancing and wedding first dance in the Seychelles outside.

Magical movements of Creole dancing and first dance in the dark outside in the Seychelles

or this

masked first dance at evening wedding reception in Bath

First Dance at The Pumphouse restaurant in bath

or this

Bride and Groom have their first dance at night in the Seychelles

first dance on the helipad at night lit only by one video light in the Seychelles

or this

first dance at evening wedding reception

Evening wedding reception with romantic first dance

or this

first dance

first dance at Thornton Manor in Cheshire

or this

first dance in grand ballroom at Thornton Manor

first dance - just love the magenta uplighters showing of this magnificent ceiling

or this

first dance evening wedding pictures

bride and groom's first dance at Hellaby Hall South Yorkshire

first dance evening wedding pictures Leeds

First dance at Hotel Metropole in Leeds

 first dance photo with confetti balloon bursting

Sheer joy!


first dance picture on last page of wedding storybook

Sealed with a real kiss: the end! (only of this chapter...)

See literally hundreds of thousands of wedding pictures on Reel Life Photos website  or if in a hurry this one is quicker to view and decide for yourself whether it is worth paying for a lovely experience and personal wedding photos of your whole day or if its not that important to you I understand you  why you would want to save money… but…

xx Elaine

4 Responses to “Is it Ok to use a friend as your wedding photographer? First Dance.”

  1. Akara Ogheneworo Photography Says:

    WOW!!!! ELAINE!!! WOW!! I am so stealing this with your permission. WOW!!!

  2. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Absolutely! Permission granted Akara! Its great you like it so much! I tend not to write many articles, as have so many images to show, but from time to time feel, a few words are needed. Feel free to substitute your own image examples to illustrate the point if you wish. xx

  3. Andrew Miller Says:

    Totally agree. If you are looking to save money please don’t do it by getting a friend as a photographer!


  4. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Thanks Andrew too. We all know what is likely to happen if you do fall into that trap! Once the food has been eaten, and all the fun/dancing is over everyone waits with great excitement to see the wedding photos. If these fail to reflect your expectations, and don’t show the best of your day with family and friends, then certain memories soon fade, leaving a huge gap in your heart where the photos should have been to bring it all back to you.

    One of our Asian wedding clients used me for their engagement shoot, and despite being really happy with the results and the experience, then decided to save money and use a friend for their actual wedding. I am now booked to do a re-shoot for them at their original wedding venue, just to get the kind of photos they had in mind, though of course this won’t be the same as what they would have had, had they not tried to cut corners on the photography budget for their wedding day(s)…

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