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"We put our heart and soul into making your day uniquely you."

We cover all sorts of weddings and events nationally and internationally so have a look at our calendar to see what we are up to. Since we have a small team of wedding photographers the chances are that even if a booking is showing that we will be able to cover your event for you. Click a date to make an enquiry.

See recent wedding pictures here and here.

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Painless-Style Video and Photography from the Reel Life Team.

If you invite us to your wedding we'll do our best to be in synch with your needs. If that means balancing in a flowerpot or perching precariously on a tombstone we'll be there for you: laughter is optional - preferably yours - so invite us to join you...

We love nice relaxed weddings spiced with a sense of fun and familiarity, and however you see your day, we are happy to be your hands to create your vision. If you want to leave it to us, that's ok, but we'll be "listening" to your body language for clues as to who you are and what you want.
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There is no extra charge for using our "eyes" as long as you want on the day, either. Almost unlimited shots so you'll be really spoilt for choice.

XX Elaine & Jorge

  Winter wedding montage, Fawsley Hall Daventry  
  Chinese wedding pictures, Tatton Park  
If you would like us to do your photography it might help you to know that we tend to shoot 400-700 photos spread throughout the whole day, just depending on what we see that is interesting, or that you specifically ask us to take, though 1,000+ images is not unknown, over a 10/12 hour day, so there are plenty to choose from. Since we are available for you the whole day (though you can tell us to put our cameras away, and go home, at any time you like...) we feel like invited guests, but only stop thinking images when we sit down to eat - assuming we're there all day that is.

Prices are irrespective of location, or travelling distance, and our time comes free. We do not charge for our time on the day, as we just want you to have a fabulous, pain-free day with lots of nice piccies to look through...


Colourful wedding photography




Romantic wedding photography




Creative wedding photography, West Yorkshire venues

DIFFERENT/creative - as you are...


Wedding Photography Options – Designed to Suit You

Reel Life Photos wedding bouquet


NEW! Top Choice - 70 images 9 x 6 and the Digi Album

It’s sometimes hard to choose: real photos or a unique personal book printed with the story of your day. We'd like you to have both! You can also have a few smaller copies for friends and relatives if you twist my arm nicely. You get everything from the Best Deal Option (below) too, so all you have to decide upon are your favourite piccies which will keep you busy for a few hours anyway.

Wedding storybook, creative contemporary designs

The number of prints/images is flexible; you finalise your choice when you see the results.

Artistic hand drawn with Photoshop wedding image

Best Deal Option: 70 images 9 x 6

Prices are within your control as they depend on how many images you choose when you see them. (If its a really hard choice and you want more than 70 prints, then additional prints are £8 each). You also get 10, A4 enlargements of your choice (or a mixture of sizes if you prefer). It includes a hand-crafted album - big enough to hold as many as 100 prints up to A4 either way up (portrait or landscape).

Simple Option 70 images 9 x 6

70 photos 9x 6. For more (or less) chosen add (or subtract) £8 each print. If you prefer to get your own album, or have put it on the Prezzie List than this is the best solution for you.

10 x 15 Enlargements are £35 each, including any computer manipulation - (combining images, changing backgrounds, misty edges, removal of objects that spoil the artistic over all impression etc) .

A4 enlargements are £25 each

All images taken on a CD/data DVD

Just in case we are no longer around by the time you have grandchildren we offer a copy of all the images taken on either CD or Data DV. In the case of digital images, you get everything that is in your folder, including all images that I've worked on to prepare for printing. You can either have a photo slide show DVD (which will play in a DVD player) of the photos you choose to have printed or a Data DVD of all the photos (which is best used on the computer).

Deposit is only £50 with the balance payable when you choose your prints, so it helps you a bit with your budget!

We also offer personalised photo/video gift vouchers you can offer to your friends to use as wedding prezzies, in various values (£5, £10, £25 and £50).



There's no VAT or charge for travel.


  Wedding rings & hearts.
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