Winter wedding at Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley, West Yorkshire

black and white photo with tinted background of bridesmaid having her hair done wedding bouquet on bed in bridal suite at Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley bridal bed with wedding shoes and veil at Chevin Lodge bridesmaids getting ready for winter wedding at Chevin Lodge Hotel Its Donna & Robert’s first wedding anniversary today 17 November, so had really wanted to have their wedding album complete with photos as a nice surprise (they only ordered them recently as have both had immense sadnesses in their lives since the wedding), but missed my self-imposed deadline by a few hours.  Anyway,  have just finished working on their wed pics, the jpgs are burnt to the DVD for printing and on their way to the lab in Bradford tonight, courtesy of my husband, Jorge.

winter bride by Autumn leaves in hotel grounds at Chevin Lodge in Otley


outdoor winter wedding photo with video light


Its amazing what you can do even in the pitch dark!  We switched on the video light to add and extra dimension to these traditional family wedding photos out doors after the sun had set on a cold November’s evening. The bride and bridesmaid must have been perished but they were up for anything to get good pictures for their wedding album.


Monochrome-duplex image Donna on spiral staircase inside Chevin Lodge Hotel


A handheld low-light indoor photo on the spiral staircase inside Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley, a labour of love in  Photoshop, and some extra processing with another piece of editing software, and this duplex monochrome image emerges shining from the dark.


first dance with colourful disco lighting at Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley first dance with colourful disco lighting at Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley first dance close up of bride and groom at evening wedding reception wedding guests dancing at night do 

trees and reflection over lake at Chevin Lodge Hotel in Otley during wedding


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  1. flight of white doves Says:

    flight of white doves…

    Thank you….

  2. Rob Arnold Says:

    Hi Hope you are both well, Wasn’t sure if you was aware buy me and Donna have now had a baby – She is called Miley. We will be in contact soon as it would be nice to have some pictures created.

    P.S i also have bought a 1966 vw split screen camper van so would be good to get some photo’s with that also. – Might even think of hiring it out for weddings.

    All the best and i hope business is going well


  3. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    WOW! That’s fabulous news! Really thrilled for you both – after the tough time you’ve had particularly! I’d be honoured to meet Miley and take pics of her. Your 60’s camper van sound exciting too! It must have been lovingly cared for to have survived nearly 50 years – like the cars in Cuba! Bet we’ll get great pics with you all together as a new little family inside or with your campervan!

    I’m just back from a month away “Down-Under” following a wedding in Sydney (see pic and link on home page) and have had a lovely time taking travel pics too. see under Travel pic on http://www.reell;

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