wedding storybook album layout from church wedding & reception at Gomersal Park Hotel

wedding storybook album cover

storybook album cover from wedding at Gomersal Park Hotel

This particular storybook album has – as always – been designed not only with the bride and groom’s own choice of images from their wedding, but also as requested by them to have interesting backgrounds, rather than just standard plain white or black.  All the backgrounds are created  using pictures from the individual wedding , so all contribute to the unique aspect of each and every hand-designed page.  Hope you like it! xx Elaine (wedding photographer and storybook designer)

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wedding shoes

wedding storybook album page 1

wedding storybook album

the flowers have arrived - Wahoo...

wedding storybook album

bride getting ready for wedding - helped by her bridesmaid and Mum

wedding storybook album with flower girls getting ready

Sunlight streams into the room where the flower girls are getting ready...

wedding storybook album

on with the shoes - for little flower girl, and on with the earrings for the bride...

flower girls and ushers at St Mary's Church in Batley

Little Maids All in a Row...

flower girls waiting for the bride to arrive at St Mary's Church

waiting for the bride to arrive...

bride arrives at St Mary's Church with her brother

Jodie - looking forward to her wedding day, where her brother is to give her away.

storybook album page with bride walking down the aisle

walking down the aisle

pageboy up to mischief during the weding ceremony


exchange of rings

Exchange of wedding rings.

exchange of rings - page in wedding storybook .

exchange of rings

loving touch - rings to signing the register

Loving Touch...

wedding storybook album

Happy bride and groom!

church wedding photos

bride kisses her son the pageboy

wedding storybook album

pageboy playing with the church candles while his parents kneel at the altar

wedding storybook album

Flower girls arranging the bride's train in church

wedding storybook album

Just married!

wedding storybook album

Too windy outside for wedding photos!

storybook wedding pictures

family wedding photos in church

wedding storybook album

Its a bit windy as guests leave church...

wedding storybook album

Hold onto your hat grandma!

wedding storybook album - newleyweds arrive at Gomersal Park Hotel

Cheers, as bride and groom leave the church and arrive at their wedding reception venue

wedding storybook album with traditional wedding photos

traditional wedding pics outside Gomersal Park Hotel in West Yorkshire

storybook album with confetti and wedding car

Confetti and Cuddles by the Wedding Car

I decided to turn the confetti pic into a black and white wedding photo, as although beautiful in colour too, it had too many different colours to hang together properly in the album.

wedding storybook album

Groom's family on steps outside Gomersal Park Hotel and bridesmaid fishing confetti out of the bride's dress!

 pics of Table layout at wedding venue, best man with groom, & Bride's family photo

pics of Table layout at wedding venue, best man with groom, & Bride's family photo

traditional wedding photos in a natural style

Happy and relaxed, as the cameras go click!

bride and groom walk down to the laketraditional wedding photos in a natural style

natural wedding pictures

all smiles...

Couple in love

Ah, aren't they a lovely couple!

I normally avoid green grass as a backdrop for wedding photos, as feel it tends to clash with most bride’s flowers and colouring, but in this case, by making use of the right patch of light,  and the bride’s unusual lemon roses, it very much suits Jodie and Scott’s relatively traditional wedding.

romantic wedding pictures by the lake

Gentle romance down by the hidden lake

The usually undemonstrative groom goes with the flow – even holding the wedding bouquet and laughing! The soft background behind these images elevate it from the ordinary to the extraordinary – with a subtle feeling of relaxation and gentle light.

wedding speeches

Wedding speeches - action and reaction...

wedding speeches

Wedding Speeches

table plan and happy wedding guests

Table plan and happy wedding guests.

Double-page spread of wedding photos Flowers and gifts for the mother's

Flowers and gifts for the mothers.

cutting the wedding cake

Jodie and Scott both smile naturally on the happiest day of their life

storybook wedding pictures

bride and groom's families

wedding photos outside Gomersal Park Hotel with sky background

family wedding photos in storybook album set on a sky background from the same day

natural wedding portraits of groom with his mum and bride with her mum

Groom with his Mum and bride with her Mum

cutting the wedding cake

cutting the cake and start of the first dance

storybook: summer's evening wedding reception

Guests enjoy the summer's evening outside Gomersal Park Hotel

first dance at evening wedding reception

Evening wedding reception with romantic first dance

evening wedding reception at Gomersal Park Hotel

dancing the night away...

Gomersal Park Hotel at night and disco dancing in storybook by Reel Life Photos

fun goes on into the night...

back of wedding album storybook

back of wedding album storybook

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xx Elaine and Cuban videoman Jorge

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  1. Jodie Hudson Says:

    Thankyou so much for the brilliant photos,they are fantastic just what we wanted. You are my list of recommendations xxx

  2. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Your album has arrived Jodie! I wish I’d ordered a copy for myself now too…
    xx Elaine

  3. Ann Says:

    What a talented photographers you are, everyone looks at ease and natural. Shame it was so windy but there’s not much you can do about that. Such lovely memories captured for the bride, groom, family and friends. Congratulations to Jodie and Scott,

  4. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Thank you Ann! Its lovely to see other professionals commenting on our work individually. Brides all need wedding dresses so happy for them to follow your link too. Glad you enjoyed looking! xx Elaine

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