Wedding pictures of Nawaab’s in Manchester, set for Asian wedding reception

Asian wedding pictures

Pictures of Nawaab Asian wedding venue in Manchester

Asian wedding pictures at Nawaab’s – details of tables and stage at Nawaab’s Indian Restaurant in Manchester

Asian wedding photography at Nawaab's in Manchester

View of the entrance hall from the balcony by the Ottoman Suite at Nawaab’s wedding venue in Manchester, then pictures of confetti and petals thrown to greet the bride and groom at their Walimah.

Asian wedding photography at Nawaab's in Manchester

Just a glimpse of a gorgeous bride at her Asian wedding

3 Responses to “Wedding pictures of Nawaab’s in Manchester, set for Asian wedding reception”

  1. Nick Mueller Says:

    The joyfulness of weddings is beyond the caste, religion and locations. Everybody wants to make this celebration precious and expect to convert it into a beautiful story. Here, through this blog, I came to know about a Nawaab wedding reception that has been captured into beautiful photographs, with the assistance of Shaadi Video. I think it is a beautiful blog.

  2. Elaine Says:

    Thanks Nick, but Shaadi Video wasn’t actually present at this wedding! I see from your IP address that the person posting this comment is based in India, so am guessing the owner of the video company has employed an Indian marketing company to promote Tariq’s work. At least you understand about telling a wedding story in images though… We also produce cinematographic videos, with very high editing skills, so usually when we are booked to cover a wedding, it is as a video and photography team – xx Reel Life Photos
    – Elaine and Jorge

  3. ReelLifePhotos Says:

    Thanks Raheem! I have replied to your email so all OK I hope! xx Elaine

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