Travelling through Victoria, Australia

I’m sitting at a beautiful location (Lorne) with individual wooden cabin houses on the hillside under Eucalyptus  trees, listening to the screeching/squawking of pure white cockatoos  (sulphur crested cockatoos apparently) – in their dozens.  Amazingly enough its a YHA, so if you don’t mind the guy in the bunk above you sounding like an earthquake every time he turns over, then it is paradise indeed!  If you are fussy though, there are private rooms available too, of course…

YHA in Lorne Victoria Australia

A Sulpher Crested Cockatoo is eyeing up the breaklfast Table! breakfast in paradise: YHA at Lorne in Victoria Australia

Yesterday I saw my first Kangaroos – albeit on a well catalogued popular haunt – at Anglesea Golf Course…

Kangaroos browsing on Anglesea Golf Course Australia

Kangaroo classic pose

The Great Ocean Road has many visual temptations, so its time to carry on my journey to fit a few of them in…
coastal view near Anglesea Australia on Great Ocean Road beach scene at Bells. Victoria , on Great Coastal Road Bells beach view from near Great Coastal Road Australia

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