Sydney Opera House, city streets, harbour at night by wedding photographer in Australia

night-lit windows facing onto Sydney harbour

Sydney has many facets and moods. Even without ever having set foot in the city, everyone has an image of Sydney Opera House in their heads; so much so that we have a perceived sense of scale in our minds too. I made a flying visit to Sydney a couple of months ago – on my nephew’s birthday, as it happens – (while in Australia to photograph a wedding in Jacob’;s Creek) so was given a whistle-stop tour of the area – at night, when the streets come alive and the multicoloured glow of lights coats it with a surreal magic that most big cities seem to conjure up out of the blackness, changing its shape and forms.

Boss chrome towers in Sydney at night

illuminated street signs: Boss logo at night illuminated building at night in Sydney Australia windows and more windows at  night seductively lit building in Sydney at night neon signs in Sydney at night

neon signs in Sydney at night blue neon signs in Sydney at night Sydney streets at night

passing woman become a silhouetted shop dummy

Sydney at night Sydney bus at night The oldest pub in Sydney at night

Sydney Illusion

passers by destroy the painted illusion

glass fronted building in Sydney lit up at night

shadowy passers by the colourful buildings in Sydney at night

traditional view of Syndey Opera House at night

Sydney harbour at night

ice cream shop on Sydney harbour at night

buildings around Sydney harbour at night

Sydney bridge and ferry boat at night

Sydney Opera House at night

Sydney Bridge sparkling into the water at night

Sydney Opera House and market at night

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