storybook wedding photography in Dewsbury Town Hall for a Nigerian-English couple

A lady called me from Nigeria to enquire about her wedding photography, but it turned out that she was actually getting married in the UK, in my home town of Dewsbury.  It was a beautiful wedding, with the tables dressed immaculately with a masses of flowers following a lilac colour scheme.  OK , like most African brides.she was nearly two hours late for her wedding, so its just as well it was in the middle of winter, or she may have missed out had the registrar been busy!

After the wedding she made an appointment to come and see her wedding photos, but somehow things caught up with her, and she forgot to contact me for nearly two years.  Her English husband was still working in Nigeria, but they had by now had a second baby, so also set up a home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Now she wants to surprise her husband with the wedding album under the tree at Christmas, but here at least is the album I designed from the photos she chose from a selection of over 600 images that I had already shortlisted for her.

Dewsbury wedding photos in storybook

Storybook cover

wedding photos designed in an Italian storybook with pictures from the wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages002-003 with the cute white baby dress and shoes waiting to be worn

Italian storybook with wedding shoes and baby bridesmaid's flowers and pictures of the groom is getting ready before the wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages004-005 wedding shoes and baby bridesmaid’s flowers in Italian storybook with the groom is also getting ready for their wedding in Dewsbury

Graphistudio wedding book design showing the groom and groomsmen getting ready for the multicultural wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages006-007 groom and groomsmen getting ready – all smiles!

storybook wedding pictures of bride putting on her wedding dress and the baby chewing her white wedding shoes

Storybook Pages008-009 How to keep a baby bridesmaid happy while her mother is putting on her wedding dress: let the baby chew her new shoes!

How the wedding photographer keeps the bride's baby happy before the wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages010-011 Novel way to keep the baby happy – with the wedding photographer’s expensive light!

wedding storybook design with the bride ready to leave for her wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages012-013 – The bride puts on her pearl necklace and walks down the stairs holding her beautiful lilac and white bouquet.

wedding storybook design as the bride rushes into the limo to travel to Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages014-015 The bride carries her baby to the waiting limo with her female friends and family.

Wedding at Dewsbury Town Hall - storybook album design

Storybook Pages016-017 The photographer waiting outside in the cold for ages to make sure she didn’t miss the shot of the limo arriving outside Dewsbury Town Hall, but as the bride got out a car passed by, obscuring the limo and hurrying bride, as within seconds the bride was already inside the Town Hall.

Bride walking down the aisle at Dewsbury Town Hall in wedding storybook

Storybook Pages018-019 The bride walks down the aisle and her groom gets the first glimpse of her in her wedding dress and fur shrug

wedding rings and kiss at Dewsbury wedding in the storybook photo album

Storybook Pages020-021 The bestman fishes the rings out of his pocket and before we know it the wedding is sealed with a kiss!

Wedding in Dewsbury by photographer Elaine of Reel Life Photos

Storybook Pages022-023 The register signing photos can be such happy ones if the photographer is quick and experienced.

Storybook Pages024-025 The witnesses and Reel Life Photos’ signature shot of the newly-weds’ hands showing their rings by the register with the bouquet for decoration.

wedding pictures in a storybook album by Reel Life Photos wedding photographer in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages 26-27 The groom’s father poses with the happy couple be the wedding register, as the bride’s best friend in the red dress looks on, before the newly weds look at each other as the link arms to walk back down the aisle together.

traditional wedding pictures in Dewsbury Town Hall in storybook designed album

Storybook Pages 028-029 The groom just manages to appear in one pic as the bride enthusiastically poses with all her friends. Well I don’t know many grooms who enjoy posing for wedding pics after all! That’s why I love natural wedding photos…

wedding tiara and Nigerian bride's wedding pictures in a storybook album by Reel Life Photos wedding photographer in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages030-031 Couldn’t resist adding in this background pic of the bride’s gleaming tiara along with the black and white photo of the bride sitting on the floor with her dress spread out.

wedding photography in Dewsbury Town Hall after the wedding ceremony

Storybook Pages032-033 The happy bride poses with her friends. The groom as usual manages to escape the camera!

wedding cake and tables laid with the starter for the wedding breakfast at Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages034-035 Traditional 3 tier wedding cake and the beautifully decorated top table al ready to begin the wedding breakfast

Italian wedding book photography and storybook design in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages036-037 Happy days as the bride poses with her friends and the groom’s grown-up son.

The wedding decorations are first class at this wedding reception in Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages038-039 The wedding decorations are first class at this intimate family wedding reception in Dewsbury Town Hall

Nigerian English wedding reception in Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages040-041 Its good to capture all the guest when its a relatively small family wedding!

Beautiful wedding pohotography in Dewsbury, showing the table layout with wedding guests.

Storybook Pages042-043 Its always lovely to see the wedding guests enjoying themselves, and to remember who was there at your wedding.

The groom's speech - wedding pics captured by Elaine of Reel Life Photos

Storybook Pages044-045 The groom’s speech

fun wedding speeches - the groom

Storybook Pages046-047 Guests cracking themselves up with laughter during the groom’s speech.

wedding cake and wedding reception wedding breakfast pictures at Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages048-049 wedding guests and the splendid 3 tiered traditional wedding cake

wedding photographer Elaine is pictured in this Dewsbury wedding too!

Storybook Pages050-051 wedding guests pose for the camera, and oh, even the wedding photographer is snapped in her African outfit, far right in this storybook design.

The groom's family - grandkids and the like and tasty dessert

Storybook Pages052-053 Oh that delicious dessert is making me hungry!

wedding toast captured in pictures by Reel Life Photos in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages054-055 Cheers! The wedding toast!

First dance wedding photography by Reel Life Photos in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages056-057 First Dance and more dancing!

Fun wedding photography in Dewsbury during the evening wedding reception dancing.

Storybook Pages058-059 Time for some fun dancing pics!

Tradiotional wedding cake pictures in as the cake is cut for real.

Storybook Pages060-061 Cutting the cake – all traditional like!

wedding photos on the stairs of Dewsbury Town Hall

Storybook Pages062-063 bride and groom on the stairs of Dewsbury Town Hall

wedding photography in Dewsbury at the Town Hall

Storybook Pages064-065 wedding guests and the groom (!) pose for pictures at Dewsbury Town Hall

confetti pics in Dewsbury in wedding storybook

Storybook Pages066-067 Confetti pics

happy bridemaid after catching the bouquet at wedding in Dewsbury

Storybook Pages068-069 The groom’s son is pretty merry as he hug and kisses his father and jubilant bridemaid after catching the bouquet .

last page of Graphistudio wedding book storybook album as the bride shows off her garter

Storybook Pages070-071 the garter and last few wedding pics

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