Storybook wedding album of Ponderosa and church wedding pictures

wedding storybook  - cover of Italian weddingbook with hands on the wedding register

Cover of Italian wedding book

Paula and Wayne approached me before they had even secured their preferred wedding venue – the Lakeside Restaurant at Ponderosa in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.  They were over the moon when they managed to get not only  the church on the date they wanted – the 16 June, but also their chosen wedding venue and  ideal wedding photographer for their lively personalities!  These images below are all wedding pictures they chose to have in their storybook wedding album which will be printed in Italy by Graphistudio.


Italian wedding storybook design with creative wedding pictures

pages 2-3 of Paula and Wayne's wedding album

Italian wedding storybook with wedding dreess and shoes

My lovely bride bride loves red

wedding photography in Heckmondwike

All ready to go to the church!

St James church wedding photography in West Yorkshire

Guests arriving at St James Church in Heckmondwike are greeted by the smiling groom

church wedding pictures in West Yorkshire - St James in Heckmondwike

the last guests are still arriving as the wedding car pulls up with the bridesmaids and they march swiftly up the slope to the church

wedding photography in West Yorkshire - St James Church wedding pictures

bride arrives with her father-in-law but the ushers are all ready and the guests seated now.

church wedding photography in Heckmondwike - St James church wedding pictures

The bride's daughter rushes to take up her position as the bride is ready to go into the church and stands laughing in the door arch of St James Church in Heckmondwike

church wedding pictures by West Yorkshire wedding photographer, bride in red dress

Time to hand over the bouquet to her bridesmaid as the church ceremony begins

storybook wedding pictures by wedding photographer in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

The bride and groom look round and laugh as the vicar asks if anyone knows of any lawful reason why they should not get married today!

wedding ceremony photos inside St James Church in Heckmondwike

The bride and groom are married as they exchange rings inside St James Church

Wedding photography in Heckmondwike, at St James Church in West Yorksshire

Real signing of the register with the witnesses

Rainy day wedding pictures, so the wedding photographer takes the big group photo inside the church

Its raining so Reel Life Photos takes the big group shot inside the church

storybook wedding album design, with pictures from inside St James Church

Now that was quick and easy wasn't it... The bride takes the lead and marches out down the aisle!

wedding photos outside St James Church by wedding photographer in West Yorkshire

Few pics of parents and groom's gran, then off to Ponderosa, as it is raining!

Ponderosa wedding pictures with confetti

Welcome drinks always seem to coincide with confetti... Great fun though!

storybook wedding pictures inside Lakeside Restaurant at Ponderosa in Heckmondwike

Entrance of the bride and groom - at Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant wedding venue

wedding reception venue at Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant, in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire

Inside the Lakeside Restaurant at Ponderosa

champagne bucket at wedding reception venue Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant in Heckmondwike

The top table looks so beautiful!

Black and white wedding photo of bride and groom by West Yorkshire wedding photographer

They look SO happy, and full of fun!

Ponderosa Lakeside wedding pictures

Like mushrooms sprouting after the rain, up pop the family wedding photos!

traditional wedding photography

Family group for grandma

Exclusive wedding venue in West Yorkshire - Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant

"Yes, the restaurant is shut to the public for us - see! "

wedding reception pictures inside Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant

Family and friends all enjoying the wedding party at Ponderosa

wedding photography using off camera flash

Quick its stopped raining - so lets get a few pics of the happy couple!

Real wedding photography which shows of the natural relationships

Paula and Wayne are definitely made for each other with their fun sense of humour

wedding pictures by the lake at Ponderosa in Heckmondwike

Now am sure they are only play fighting...

dramatic wedding photography at Ponderosa

The little girl in the background, makes this image on the right!

Black and white wedding photography as well as dramatic colour at Ponderosa

The groom and his groomsmen know how to party!

This lovely June wedding day at Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant was also blessed with a rainbow to add to the dramatic skies. See on the pictures of the groomsmen outside the wedding venue getting “Fresh Air” .

wedding reception pictures at Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant

The children enjoyed their day, as much as the adults.

evening wedding reception pictures

More fun at their evening wedding reception with first dance and more dancing

pictures of wedding with a rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow...

rainbow and wedding cake

Rainbow and wedding cake - great combination!

evening wedding reception pictures

Big surprise along with the groom's karaoke performance...

Fun wedding pictures of dancing at the evening wedding reception in Heckmondwike

Fun time as the lights go down...

summer wedding with evening reception pictures in storybook album

The party goes on ...

If you are getting married at Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant – or any other wedding venue in West Yorkshire or beyond, and want  fun wedding photographers, give Elaine a call on 07990867058

or visit our website  for more info.  If you would like a wedding album designing  for you and fancy something creative, happy to use a mixture of your ideas, as well as mine.

xx Elaine


2 Responses to “Storybook wedding album of Ponderosa and church wedding pictures”

  1. paula & wayne Says:

    love the album, just a couple of words need changing please,
    1) bride arrives with her Father-in-law
    2) few pictures of parents and Groom’s gran
    that’s all everything else is perfect
    thank you

  2. Reel Life Photos Elaine Says:

    Thanks Paula and Wayne. Just sent it off to Graphistudio now for printing, though it will take an hour or so for all the files to reach them. SO glad you like the design too. I added in pics of you arriving at the venue, so the inside of Ponderosa Lakeside Restaurant could be seen, and to make it clear where you were, so am pleased you approved that too. Its also on our Facebook page under photos in the albums.
    xx Elaine

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