Snow at Reel Life Photos

Well, as we aren’t currently allowed to be having weddings and wedding receptions, thought today’s visually delightful snowfall deserved documenting, so here are the resulting photos. I also shot video of the “bird circus”, the feeding frenzy in our garden, but will add that later.

Snow in the garden Jan 21
Snow in the garden Jan 21 – view towards Reel Life Photos
One of our resident robins hiding near the fat balls on a snowcovered bay tree.
Classical snowman on the crescent lawn with our postie in the background
One of the many male blackbirds in our garden who fights off all other birds, including the more timid robin seen flying away top right, to grab more than his fair share of the food on offer.
Holly leaves in Reel Life Photos garden, all covered in snow.
Pyracantha berries weighted down with heavy snow at Reel Life Photos in Dewsbury
Great Tit in the snow on a branch by the birdfeeder at Reel Life Photos 14 Jan 21
Cole Tits love Peckish Seeds Mix, in the feeder hanging on our bay tree at Reel Life Photos!
Snow completely covers the pyracantha by the front entrance of Reel Life Photos in Dewsbury

All photos above are copyright of Reel Life Photos, so please contact Elaine on Whatsapp +447990867058 if you wish to use one.

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