Romanian tradition of boy’s first haircut

Romanian 3 year old boy about to have his first haircut
A three year old Romanian boy, his long hair in plaits, cries as he is frightened.
Romanian custom
He is given a toy and made to sit on a stool balanced on the table so everyone can see him
Romanian custom of 3 year old boy having his first ever haircut
It all starts kicking off as this three year old Romanian boy is about to have his long hair cut off
Romanian culture and traditions
They cover the little Romanian boy’s face as his father cuts off the first of his three plaits.
Romanian tradition of a 3 year old boy's first haircut
He doesn’t look at all happy as his final plait is about to be cut off, though his father and surrounding family are all delighted with the ceremony.
Romanian culture -the first haircut
The Romanian 3 year old boy’s plaits, tied in red ribbons, lie on a tray amongst all the shiny treasures
Romanian boy's traditional gifts after his hair is cut off.
He soon recovers as is offered the chance to choose a toy from the tray
Money given to three year old Romanian boy as he has his first ever haircut
Everyone claps with delight as the ceremony concludes with money being added to the tray of treasure
Romanian tradition of giving money to a three year old boy on his first ritual haircut.
Everyone laughs as the three year old Romanian boy goes for the money he is being offered.
A three year old Romanian boy has his very first haircut, at a traditional party in front of all the family and friends, captured in a natural documentary style of photography.
And here he is, shorn of his long locks!
Birthday cake for 3 year old Romanian boy.
Happy third birthday little one!

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