Reel Life Photos team arrives in Southern Ireland for a wedding in St Aidan’s Cathedral

The ferry crossing from Holyhead to Dublin sent our wedding photographer Julie crashing to her knees, skidding across the spray-sloshed deck like a rag doll, but in the end she made it safely down below: I had to stay on deck though, as didn’t want to waste the recent picnic by regurgitating it for the seagulls!

 Irish roadside friut and veg stall  Our first impressions of Ireland are happy ones, despite the driving rain, as we passed roadside stalls selling strawberries  and potatoes, 

Southern Irish Strawberries

discovered a home from home B&B – Hillside House in Gorey, County Wexford – and found everyone so friendly along the way.

view from Hillside B&B in Gorey Souhern Ireland 

View from Hillside  House B& B which is highly recommended by Reel Life Photos for service and location!

This dog seemed quite at home in his owner’s cab,

Dog in Irish Truck Cab

Love the colourful shops and houses – so full of personality! 

colourful shops in Gorey Southern Ireland 

Joanne - shop painted Red in Gorey

Its the Strawberry Festival this weekend in Enniscorthy so the wedding in the afternoon will be sharing the celebrations with all the strawberry lovers!

Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Southern Ireland

Strawberry stall at Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy

blue shop front in Enniscorthy colourful shop front in Enniscorthy Enniscorthy

Irish Green Post Box colourful couple outside shop in Enniscorthy delivery at shop in Enniscorthy boy eating strawberries at Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy

 We rounded off our first full day in Southern Ireland listening  and recording live music of a girl band singing and playing as a quartet at the delightful bar and reastaurant  the BANK in Gorey.

Dar Raider Irish girl band playing at the Bank in Gorey

The Bank - bar & restaurant in Gorey - at night

Blue Sky in Gorey at night

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