Norwegian weddings in Stavanger

weddings in Norway

The first wedding we chanced upon in Stavanger, as the bride and groom were coming out of the church


We were in Norway to photograph and video a lovely Norwegian bride’s Muslim wedding, but the day after we had finished, we took the chance to have half a day of and to take the train from Sandnes to Stavanger.  Within minutes we had chanced upon a wedding, as the bride and groom exited the church, surrounded by all their guests.  I just couldn’t resist the temptation to grab a few shots from a distance…


weddings in Norway

The bride and groom are just visible amongst the crowd lining their path from the church


weddings in Norway

The bride and groom walk off with one of their bridesmaids holding the bride's train


weddings in Norway

This Nordic bride had a very different style - rather like a whimsical Maid Marion - and was carrying the most wedding bouquet!

Such a warm friendly bride - with a wonderful smile - and I wasn't even her wedding photographer!

floaty wedding dress

floaty wedding dress detail




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