Natural wedding pictures

natural wedding pictures

Colourful reality!

natural wedding photos

multicultural weddings - colourful and happy pictures.

unusual wedding in North Yorkshire

Helen and Brogan wanted a great day out for their wedding in North Yorkshire, so although they live near Leeds in West Yorkshire, chose to take the steam train from Pickering to Whitby for their wedding day.

black and white natural wedding photo

Its all happening! The little bridsemaid, after being asked to leave the baby alone, is helped to climb up and look out of the window, so the bride can finish getting ready. The bride's shoes lie in the right hand corner, ready to be put one, but this was just how I found the scene: a true photo-journalistic moment


Natural moment during a wedding in St Brigid's Church in Southern Ireland

I always love it when the bride and groom connect to each other by a little glance and a smile during their wedding ceremony. Here the full church behind them is oblivious to their glances, but as their wedding photographer, I noticed every moment and every expression, during this beautiful wedding ceremony, before they went off to their wedding reception at Kilkea Castle in County Kildare.

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