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Hindu foot washing ritual Hindu wedding ceremony detail I was once asked where  all our best wedding photos were!  Well, they are all there in our online  galleries –  all the little gems –  but buried between the vast expanse of variety that makes for human life.  Having documented so many facets of this, I thought it was time to revisit a few faces, and to give myself a short breathing space, away from the constant converting of images and preparation of  chosen photos for printing,  for other (albeit very important) people.  Its been over 3 years since  I designed the visual aspect of our existing website,  so have been busy the past two evenings, putting together a selection of some of my favourite recent images, which will soon be making their appearance on the home page –  thanks to Mark  and his web-techies in Huddersfield at www.e-connected.com .  Hope you all like the new-look, when it goes  live.  In the meantime here are a few from a beautiful Hindu wedding from last year, that are no longer on the site .  They also had an church of England wedding ceremony, which was hard work to fit all in one day.  Bhavi was an incredibly good organiser, though!

Hindu wedding ceremony ritual  The bridegroom brings in the coconut We have another Hindu wedding to video & photograph Spring 2008, in Leicester – as soon as I get back from a wedding in Jacob’s Creek in Australia – and we have a wedding in Ullswater in Cumbria in January, so it looks like being an exciting start to the year.

Presentation of ornate slippers as wedding gift Hindu wedding ritual Ganesh, the Elephant God Hindu wedding ceremony ritual with threads wheat as a symbol of life Hindu Fire Ceremony 

Close up of bride’s face

Hindu Bride with her Bridegroom

colourful Hindu bridal portrait Bride & Bridegroom outside after the wedding ceremony

Bhavi & Derek Double portrait

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