First impressions of Melbourne Australia

Its a week now since I first set foot on Ozzie soil, but have been out taking pics every single day so am working flat out just to get them all online!  The crows are talking loadly over head, as I sit in a quiet suburb of Melbourne  – Aspendale – where where my niece and her parents have kindly welcomed me into their home for a few weeks.

Crows talking at top volume in the Eucalyptus tree

The sky is a perfect blue, the sun pleasantly warm overhead, but the evenings are chilly like England. The hardy grass lawn beneath my feet and super-tidy neighbourhood is peacefully suburban – except for the neighbour mowing his patch of grass with an industrial noise-machine!

suburban garden in Aspendale where I am sitting typing this

Socrates, is cooking Octopus outside on a lttle camping stove.  Just had a taste too – mmmm!

Socrates cooking Octapus out of doors in suburban Melbourne 

Just eaten the results of Greek chef’s cooking!

table of fried fish set ready to eat outside on patio

and finished off with fresh ripe figs from the tree in the garden

dessert of fresh ripe figs straight from the tree

Out of approx 1000 images shot so far here in Australia, its hard to know which ones to show you first.  They’re all online in the “travel pictures worldwide destinations” section of our galleries, or via this link below…

Two things strike me in this area:  the rows of individually designed mail boxes and the diversity of trees, from Eucalyptus, to Tea Tree, She Oaks, Banksias and many my limited botanical knowledge fails to identify.  If anyone who know more specific names reads this please forgive my ignorance in advance!

Australian mailbox built into brick wall - smart and orderly large envelope rectangular mailbox in Aspendale Australia Australian mailbox round polished chrome variety free-standing Australian mailbox Australian combination mailbox with round and rectangular post slotsEnglish-style - but tiny - wall mounted letterbox in Aspendale late evening sunlight curls round this newspaper in an Aussie mailbox simple gap in brick wall creates mailbox slot ornate but rusty white free-standing mailbox in Aspendale 

Aussie trees in and around Edithvale Wetlands in Aspendale: Eucalyptus – so many varieties I cannot be more specific!  I just take photos…

Eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus leaves Tee Tree in Edithvale Victoria Australia trunk detail of Ecalyptus tree Sheoak fronds or needles white bark Eucalyptus tree avenue of trees in Edithvale

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