Evening wedding reception pictures in Gateshead with DJ lights

Interesting lighting makes all the difference when photographing an evening wedding reception.  or any other subject for that matter.  Its not easy to capture light within dark locations though. A compact camera flash will just white out all the beautiful colours and leave the image totally flat, so you can’t rely on family and friends to get good evening wedding reception pictures, though most professional wedding photographers will know how to capture the colours by underexposing  and bouncing the flash, so if you appreciate beautiful photos, it is a good idea to use an all-day wedding photographer to get these kinds of images.

Evening wedding reception pictures

Girl with balloons in colourful light

Evening wedding reception pictures

bride with DJ lighting at evening wedding reception

Evening wedding reception pictures

Such fun!

Evening wedding reception pictures

Almost like an impressionist oil painting! Like Mediterranean sun shining through a bamboo trellis...

Well, that is how my artistic mind views these images, comparing them to memories of sunlight streaming through the vine leaves and clusters of grapes hanging on a slatted  bamboo or wooden pergola in Greece, with the light patterns cast creating oil paintings in my mind – and even in reality (one of mine of such a theme is in a private collection in Germany) – as the shadows cast dramatise the remaining light.

Evening wedding reception pictures by creative wedding photographer Elaine

A mother bends double to follow her small child through their obvious delight on the illuminated dance floor.

Evening wedding reception pictures

DJ-lit dance-floor which leads to the bride, as they follow the patterns of swirling light.

Evening wedding reception pictures

A mother twists the balloon string into her little boy's hand: so sweet!

Evening wedding reception pictures with young girls dancing with balloons

Dancing with balloons...

Evening wedding reception pictures

These evening wedding guests sit peacefully in the semi-darkness, punctuated occasionally by bursts of light. They seem a little sad, or maybe just reflective on the day's events...

Evening wedding reception pictures

More fun with balloons chasing the lighting swirls...

Evening wedding reception pictures with girls chasing balloons in DJ lighting

Dancing through the light...through the night...endless enjoyment for young minds...

Wow! Caught in mid action, as the young girl races into the light. holding her string of balloons aloft.

first dance wedding pictures

First Dance fun!

first dance evening reception wedding pictures

Each image is different as the lighting creates a new impression every few seconds...

Evening wedding reception pictures

first dance fun for bride and groom

evening wedding pictures

The evening wedding reception guests are happy socialising too.

Evening wedding reception pictures

Prezzies galore!

buffet at evening wedding reception

buffet time!

evening wedding reception fun pictures

Wahoo! Fun continues...

evening wedding photography

All the girlies...

evening wedding pictures

Dancing fun for everyone continues on into the night

evening wedding reception pictures

glowing beads on a table...

black and white wedding cake

black and white themed wedding cake

Cutting the cake at evening wedding reception

At last the couple are ready to cut their cake!

wedding cake

Smiles all round!

George sticks his tongue out in concentration! Night night all! xx Elaine

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    Hi Indian DJ. I see you are a genuine DJ so thought I would reply to you. Reel Life Photos is the natural extension of my art: I have been taking photos since I was 11 years old, and was taught the basics by my father, who was taught by his father before him, and even my great granddad was a photographer.

    I initially became an artist, painting portraits in oils on canvass and quick pencil sketches, so photography is my second career, but then its good to do different things throughout your life…
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