Domino players in Garachico, Tenerife at sunset

olives and Dorada beer accompany a game of Dominos Domino player in Tenerife Domino players in cafe

We went to Tenerife 3 weeks ago for one of our client’s wedding blessing (Kelly & Ross) – filled my eyes with beautiful sights and soaked up the tropical light: even took a few pics for myself, as we drove right round the island one day.  Also managed to scrape the hire-car as we rounded a hairy bend on the mountain-side at night, dazzled by an on-coming car:  it skimmed the crash-barrier, so acquired a long scratch all down the middle of the right-hand side!

Domino players in Tenerife

On that trip, we escaped the never-ending, sun-seeking tourist vistas, and even came across a cafe full of local domino champions – something I thought only happened in neighbourhood cafes in Havana (and Cuba as a whole) so it must be a Spanish thing.  In Greece they play TAVLI (Backgammon) instead, and elsewhere in the world you might find card-players…

xx Elaine

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