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For 30 years –  before becoming a full time wedding photographer – I was a fine artist, painting in oils and sketching portraits for a living.  Those who know me find it hard to believe that I have just stopped painting and am now merely a photographer  – as was my Grandfather and Great Grandfather before me, and my son, Naki contemporaneously: see . Well, I have simplyly changed art forms, as when not under the pressure of high season weddings every week I can re-visit digital negatives that have been mentally earmarked for a treat, to bring out the hidden beauty that I observed at the time, but which lay dormant and invisible to anyone else.

Moody Mists on Dartmoor wedding photograph

These two examples were from Mel & Jay’s wedding in Dartmoor.  It was rained solidly on their wedding  day, so having travelled hundreds of miles to get there, I was quite happy to stay an extra day to get the magical shots we all  wanted.  Jay is  apparantly friends with David Bailey so I was up against fierce competition and high expectations…

 Mel calls herself the Witch of Dartmoor in her emails, so I wanted to come up with something similarly evocative…



This picture is from a wedding at Monk Fryston Hotel near York, that I didn’t spot amongst the hundred we took that day, but which the bride chose for her album.  I have changed it to a monochrome duplex colour tint to focus on the intimacy of the private exchange between loved relatives.

Family means everything-personal wedding touch



















This picture is from a tropical wedding in Tenerife, where night falls like a stone soon after 7.30 pm every night , all year round. I have continued the mood into the bordering frame, as stark black lacked the softness of romantic love.

 Sunset wedding on rooftop in Tenerife


This one didn’t need anything doing to it as the colour and the mood were already in the eye of the camera  and matched my vision too.

Evening wedding reception night time dancing



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