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Advice for bride and bridegrooms to be: Organising a wedding!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

throwing and catching the wedding bouquet

happy bride and groom say their wedding vows

Bride and bridegrooms to be often don’t know where to start to even work out what they need.  There is a TV series in which the groom is left to organise his bride’s dream wedding, with all her embodied hopes and fears being left entirely up to him – even the dress and makeup!  It usually shows a few surprises, many conflicts and tears, as well as horrendous timing – so everyone gets stressed out –  but in the end it all works out well for everybody.

rainy day wedding picture with bride rushing across the road at night

Well, a good place to start is to ask family and friends who have been there before fairly recently, what they did and what worked well for them.  Then of course there is the Internet and you could of course leave everything to a professional wedding co-ordinator as in another TV program where the trouble-shooter flies in and grants you 3 wishes!

child at wedding evening reception on the dance floor Most couples have neither the budget nor the desire to let someone else run their show, and thoroughly enjoy the year to 2 years of wedding planning, honing it to a fine art: they have checklists, a wedding file with all the research and chosen suppliers written contract/promises with all their contact details.

If you need any help about any aspect of planning your wedding,  just ask us!  If you haven’t already chosen your dream dress ask about that too, as being there with the bride from the hair and make-up stage right through till the First Dance – and beyond, if its a good party – we observe what happens with certain types of dresses and without wishing to spoil anything for you if that aspect is already under control,  I can give you some info about what to avoid – at the very least.

strapless wedding dress is very uncomfortableThis very popular style of dress tends to also be very uncomfortable when worn all day, with many attempted photos being ruined by the constant need to hike the bodice up again when it has slipped unacceptably low – so whether you are a buxom D cup and beyond or a delicate A cup, the problems always tend  to manifest themselves!  It also tends to rub so we often see brides with sore red patches by the end of the day.

avoid strapless wedding dresses as are vewry uncomfortable

This style is so difficult to hold up, that many brides lace themselves in super tightly, which –  besides being very restrictive –  means the photographer is then asked to remove the “second boob” that overhangs the real ones.  There is even a real risk in well-endowed brides of the sheer weight of their assets dragging the dress down, leading to discomfort.

badly fitting strapless wedding dresses strapless wedding dressstrapless wedding dress mistakes, bad wedding dress.

In this last picture, the dress came with straps but the poor bride was in too much of a fluster to listen to me when I warned her that she really did need to attach the straps that came with her strapless. low cut wedding dress.

Weddings are every expensive things  – just feeding all your guests in a marvellous location is obviously the biggest part of that, but then everything else tends to add up, so we try to help you by not asking for much money up front, though we are quite expensive too unfortunately!  Hopefully though you will see it as money well-spent,  as the photos will still be there when your grandchildren and great grandchildren are on the scene: I still have my parents lovely Black an White images that my grandfather – also a wedding photographer – took for them on their wedding day …. 57 years ago! Its very special to be able to see them so young-looking (Dad 25 and Mum 28) even though they themselves sadly are no longer with us.

Even deciding who is to be on the guest list and who is to sit with whom on the table plan, can cause headaches – to allow partners and children or not too…

child running in the dark at Hindu evening wedding ceremony

children making friends at evening wedding reception

Those who have no children of their own are often reluctant to pay for other couple’s children to share their day and risk it turning into a noisy nightmare, wanting an all adult day, but those with a family already wouldn’t dream of  excluding the  children.  Children absolutely love weddings and bar a few interruptions from tiny babies (can’t be helped really…),  add to the atmosphere and rarely cause their parents any problems, as take off with their new-found friends and are usually the first on the dance-floor!

African bride doing her own make up   Build in extra time for getting ready – at least 3 hours and often 4 or more if travelling to a distant church/ venue  or having more than 3 people needing the professional hair an make-up – and brides do get your dress on at least one hour before the ceremony, to give you a safety margin and time for a few pics with your close family before the ceremony.

bride with her Mum in the garden before going to the wedding ceremony

So once you have have all well-planned, delegated as to who is doing what (never try and do it all yourself!) you are going to have a fabulous time – just go with the flow and don’t let any little imperfections spoil your day!

happy Sikh bride dancing with French bridegroom girls dancing at Sikh wedding

wedding fireworks; children with sparklers at evening wedding reception

rainy wedding photography all over the UK throughout July & August

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

rainy day wedding with wet sheen on stone church pavements

Rain shining off the Yorkshire stone flags at church wedding

rainy day wedding picture

Rain shimmers off the paving slabs, as the little pageboys and bridesmaids - carrying white umbrellas - make a run for the church


This year has been one of the wettest I can ever remember, but we have been extremely busy with weddings, so have had to be extra creative on occasions.  All our brides and their families have been marvelous though!

Bride and Bridgroom in the bath at Gomersal Park Hotel

Bride and Groom in the bath in Bridal Suite at Gomersal Park Hotel

It helps to have a nice indoor alternative if it is too rainy and miserable outside for all the wedding pics. This one is of the bride and bridegroom in the fabulous green bath in the bridal suite at Gomersal Park Hotel in  Gomersal, WestYorkshire

bride and groom on the steps at Nostell priory near Wakefield

bride rushing  up the steps to her wedding at Nostell Priory near Wakefield

Rainy day wedding pictures at Bamburgh Castle

rainy day wedding at Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle wedding on a very rainy day in  August.  It rained when the bride arrived, throughout the ceremony inside the castle, during drinks reception in the keep,  when we left to go to Seahouses for the wedding reception, but gave us a ray of hope as appeared to stop just as the meal was finishing.  We jumped straight into our cars and headed back towards the castle for a private photo shoot, but trust our luck, it started again just as we were approaching the castle!  Kelly &  Charles were very brave to pose for a few snatched shots in the rain, but the camera lenses had drips all over them just a few minutes later and Kelly in her lovely low cut wedding dress was freezing!

rainy day wedding photos at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

Bride and bridegroom on rainy day in centre of Leeds

rainy day wedding in Leeds city centre by Julie

but then the sun did come out a bit!

Groomsmen walking  Leeds city centre wedding between rain showers

wedding picnic picture in Norfolk by Julie of Reel Life Photos

This couple took a huge gamble and planned a lovely picnic wedding reception – out on the grassy lawn at their wedding venue in Norfolk – Wolterton Hall.  Julie was their wedding photographer too.

confetti picture outside Woolley Hall near Wakefield

After days on end of rain this Friday wedding struck lucky – making for a beautiful non-stop photo day at Woolley Hall near Wakefield.

bride at Gomersal Park Hotel, West Yorkshire, against a colourful bus.

Using a colourful background – in this case a hired coach in the car park – can brighten up even the dullest day!

sunset family wedding group photo on helipad at Kings Croft Pontefract

A dry evening , after a very wet day, can produce some stunning family group shots, as this one on the helipad at Kings Croft in Pontefract,  West Yorkshire, as we don’t mind how long we stay on the couple’s wedding day,

sunset wedding kiss on the helipad at Kings Croft in Pontefract

which means we can capture romantic  sunset pics too!

Hindu wedding photography near London

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Table detail at Hindu wedding Symbolic coconut as part of Hindu wedding We love showing you clips from recent weddings but the past three weddings have all been for the same couple who have requested that we don’t show their faces to the world, so unusually for Reel Life Photos they have been hidden away under a password.  Here are a few we can show:

traditional Asian wedding chairs

ingredients for the Hindu Priest to use in the wedding ceremony

Hindu bride’s hands with candle during wedding ceremony

detail of Hindu wedding ceremony

Hindu wedding ceremony

fire ritual led by Hindu priest

Hindu Bride’s hands

Hindu bride and her husband walk 4 times round the fire

Hindu bride with wedding bouquet

Hindu bride and groom with bouquet of red roses

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wedding at Luton Hoo Hotel

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Luton Hoo is a newly opened hotel with historic grandeur and elegance.

Luton Hoo facade on a sunny day

Luton Hoo Facade on a sunny day

Luton Hoo gardens on a rainy day

Luton Hoo gardens on a rainy summer’s day

view from Luton Hoo Hotel onto the main gardens on a rainy day

champagne drinks reception at Luton Hoo

champagne drinks reception

Luton Hoo wedding breakfast

wedding breakfast at Luton Hoo Hotel

vegetarian starter Luton Hoo wedding breakfast

vegetarian starter

ceiling inside Luton Hoo Hotel

candlelit wedding meal at Luton Hoo Hotel

grand staircase at Luton Hoo

grand staircase at Luton Hoo

Restauarant at Luton Hoo Hotel, Bedfordshire

restaurant at Luton Hoo

dining room at Luton Hall Hotel


picture of dancing at evening wedding reception Luton Hoo

evening wedding reception dancing

Luton Hoo at night

Luton Hoo gates at night

outside main entrance of Luton Hoo Hotel at night

few photos from recent church wedding in Southern Ireland

Friday, July 4th, 2008

wedding shoe and jewellery

wedding rings on wedding car bonnet

cuff links on Groom

wedding cars outside Enniscorthy cathedral


bride going down the aisle



Pugin church wedding

bride and groom about to walkout down the aisle together

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Reel Life Photos team arrives in Southern Ireland for a wedding in St Aidan’s Cathedral

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The ferry crossing from Holyhead to Dublin sent our wedding photographer Julie crashing to her knees, skidding across the spray-sloshed deck like a rag doll, but in the end she made it safely down below: I had to stay on deck though, as didn’t want to waste the recent picnic by regurgitating it for the seagulls!

 Irish roadside friut and veg stall  Our first impressions of Ireland are happy ones, despite the driving rain, as we passed roadside stalls selling strawberries  and potatoes, 

Southern Irish Strawberries

discovered a home from home B&B – Hillside House in Gorey, County Wexford – and found everyone so friendly along the way.

view from Hillside B&B in Gorey Souhern Ireland 

View from Hillside  House B& B which is highly recommended by Reel Life Photos for service and location!

This dog seemed quite at home in his owner’s cab,

Dog in Irish Truck Cab

Love the colourful shops and houses – so full of personality! 

colourful shops in Gorey Southern Ireland 

Joanne - shop painted Red in Gorey

Its the Strawberry Festival this weekend in Enniscorthy so the wedding in the afternoon will be sharing the celebrations with all the strawberry lovers!

Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Southern Ireland

Strawberry stall at Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy

blue shop front in Enniscorthy colourful shop front in Enniscorthy Enniscorthy

Irish Green Post Box colourful couple outside shop in Enniscorthy delivery at shop in Enniscorthy boy eating strawberries at Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy

 We rounded off our first full day in Southern Ireland listening  and recording live music of a girl band singing and playing as a quartet at the delightful bar and reastaurant  the BANK in Gorey.

Dar Raider Irish girl band playing at the Bank in Gorey

The Bank - bar & restaurant in Gorey - at night

Blue Sky in Gorey at night

Collage of wedding pictures by Reel Life Photos UK and international wedding photographers

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

To all our brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer or combined wedding and High Definition video team: hope you enjoy browsing this blog! We’ve got a wedding next week in Southern Ireland, so may be a bit slow to reply to any info requests. If urgent – try our mobile 07990 867058. xx Elaine, Jorge & Julie

collage of wedding pictures by Reel Life Photos wedding photographers UK

Sydney Opera House, city streets, harbour at night by wedding photographer in Australia

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

night-lit windows facing onto Sydney harbour

Sydney has many facets and moods. Even without ever having set foot in the city, everyone has an image of Sydney Opera House in their heads; so much so that we have a perceived sense of scale in our minds too. I made a flying visit to Sydney a couple of months ago – on my nephew’s birthday, as it happens – (while in Australia to photograph a wedding in Jacob’;s Creek) so was given a whistle-stop tour of the area – at night, when the streets come alive and the multicoloured glow of lights coats it with a surreal magic that most big cities seem to conjure up out of the blackness, changing its shape and forms.

Boss chrome towers in Sydney at night

illuminated street signs: Boss logo at night illuminated building at night in Sydney Australia windows and more windows at  night seductively lit building in Sydney at night neon signs in Sydney at night

neon signs in Sydney at night blue neon signs in Sydney at night Sydney streets at night

passing woman become a silhouetted shop dummy

Sydney at night Sydney bus at night The oldest pub in Sydney at night

Sydney Illusion

passers by destroy the painted illusion

glass fronted building in Sydney lit up at night

shadowy passers by the colourful buildings in Sydney at night

traditional view of Syndey Opera House at night

Sydney harbour at night

ice cream shop on Sydney harbour at night

buildings around Sydney harbour at night

Sydney bridge and ferry boat at night

Sydney Opera House at night

Sydney Bridge sparkling into the water at night

Sydney Opera House and market at night

International weddings by Reel Life Photos – West Yorkshire wedding photographers UK & HD wedding video

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

bride and groom Ice Hotel wedding photo Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights - over the Ice Hotel in Sweden Groom in his wedding suit sliding on ice sculpure in Ice Hotel bedroomThe quality of the experience sometimes outweighs the need be profitable every week, so last year Reel Life Photos started accepting International wedding bookings, the first of which was a wedding in the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden  where indoor temperatures are a static minus 5 degrees Centigrade.

 Bride and groom by chapel in Los Gigantes in Tenerife hotel wedding reception venue in Tenerife romantic rooftop wedding photos in Tenerife At the opposite end of the scale, this was followed by a wedding in Tenerife   and here where the sun shone brightly, adding romance to the sunset wedding pictures. 

outdoor wedding ceremony in Jacobs Creek Australia traditional wedding kiss photo at Jacobs Creek Retreat in Australia sunset wedding kiss amongst Kaesler Wines grapevines in Australia In March this year we had a fabulous location 10,000 miles away – in Jacob’s Creek Retreat in the Barossa valley, Australia .  We did of course tag on a holiday! 

cavier, cassis, champagne and canapes in French Chateau wedding French Chateau wedding party at Chateau detilly in Loire Valley France French wedding cake and Frenc Chef outside orangerie at Chateau deTillyThis month (May) our overseas wedding was in the Loire valley France and§ion_id=1045 

Our next overseas wedding is on 28 June – in Southern Ireland.  That one is going to be particularly exciting as it’s the first of 3 wedding days – for the same couple –  as they are having the Catholic church wedding in St. Aidans Cathedral in Enniscorthy followed by the reception at Amber Springs Hotel In Gorey, Wexford, then the following week its back to the UK for a civil wedding at Luton Hoo, in Bedfordshire, followed by the final wedding ceremony the week after – a traditional Hindu wedding – in a marquee in St. Albans!  Phew!

Chateau Detilly wedding in France with guests from Scotland, Australia and Shanghai

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Wisteria on chapel in grounds of Chateau de Tilly FranceThe day was one of the nicest days all week.  While the bride and bridesmaids were out getting their hair done, I busied about taking behind-the-scenes shots and  making the most the the beautiful morning light.

Thierry, the gardener at Chateau de Tilly, rushes round to prepare for the wedding

wedding morning light on archway in grounds of Chateau de Tilly in Loire Valley, France

beautiful morning light on fountain in gardens at Chateau de Tilly, Loire Valley, France

light on tree fronds in garden at Chateau de Tilly in Loire Valley

French Chef Jean-Pierre prepares the food for the Chateau wedding

wedding co-ordinator talks to house manager at Chateau de Tilly meat cooking for wedding dinner getting ready for the wedding -by spiral staircase in Chateau de Tilly Eglantine Florists arrive with bouquet of flowers from UK work friends

fountain with steady trickle of water at Chateau de Tilly

grand reception room at Chateau de Tilly Loire valley France

baby Ella reaches for her little wedding shoes

Mum and bride’s roles collide Baby Ella on with frilly tutu dress Baby Ella reaches for the wedding bouquet

If you are getting married in France, or anywhere abroad, please visit our international wedding page on our site